Limitation of mods loaded into game

I posted a thread on the steam discussion for the below problem too link:

For one of the save I loaded about 25 mods(mostly airlines) but only first 6 selected mods actually showed up in the game. Is there a default limitation on the steam workshop mod numbers? If so how can I override it? An update on this topic, I actually checked the GameSetting.json file and the json file correctly listed all mode I have chosen to activate. I also tried remove the setting file and reselect the mods but that does not work either. I don’t know if there is a bug in the game or mod that prevent all of the steam workshop mods to load properly. FYI, I’m using the most up to date version on the default branch.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Well, the more mods you have loaded into the game the longer it takes for them all to fully generate flights. How long did you wait?


Did you have a large mod pack subscribed? We found out that for example the old ACEOMM Forks on steam can lead to troubles with newer mods no matter if activated or not… After around 150 mods newer mods don’t get into the game

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I waited for 10 minutes after I loaded the save. Now I deleted some of the mod from workshop, still what I selected wasn’t fully loaded.

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Look into steam workshop folder, are they dwleted there too?

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I did double check the workshop folder and the mods has been deleted in both steam app and folder. Seems like when the game loads they skip many mods I choose. Can any of the devs look into this issue?

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Mmhh, can you list the mods? Then we can check…

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Here is what my GameSetting.json file shows:

"activatedMods": [ "9b8aca6f-274e-4a79-ada7-06daa8e2acc9", "b2337bd7-90af-423c-b0e5-f1828fc682b7", "05299747-c7d4-4f44-b81e-d679a5d96ab6", "40bf22af-6fa9-45af-ae66-6439e084e2e3", "c07a025a-0b12-45b2-bd2f-d7b279681e12", "d6efc03e-df82-4390-a73a-2402b9bd9134", "9379229f-9169-40b6-9727-a43c11d3434b", "a1cd7af8-fca5-4db5-a97d-aecf6d894f35", "47c0af12-4734-406f-91c3-b63c35320308", "479b7049-0fa3-4bd2-b161-a0490bf8abf2", "614de2e5-35b1-416b-a905-da3358e4c2e8", "1936f138-9c1e-4c4c-9ae7-3a3478cb381a", "83d14ff3-43a6-491b-86bb-9c012e7e13fc", "b3dc195e-c4b8-44af-9fa6-1819e259237f", "11b37e63-62bb-442a-b255-b857f646f38b", "62d7bef0-f284-490f-9721-5586fd704af4", "9770820a-7376-48a4-a755-9f068c2c9605" ],

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This is strange indeed, we’ll verify it during beta.