List of the past days flight?


Hello, i’ve looked almost everywhere. But i couldn’t find like a summery of the past days flights.
Like this.
Year 3, day 7 is fully packed of flights.
And once it goes over to day 8. I can pull up a summary for day 7.
On the first window, it basically says.

Flight number - ETA - ATA ETD - ATD Just to see if it’s on time or not.

Then if i press this flight i would get more specific data like, pax, when boarding did start vs should have started, and same with baggage loading and fueling and so on.


That would be a great tool to add but it would be hard to implement at this stage of design but the idea could be brought up later when things can be eaiser to add for logging.


Yeah i hope so, that would be amazing to have. They do have alot of data already showing live, and that is really cool.