List with all real airlines in Airport CEO

Hi here you find a list with all airlines in aceo:

REAL Airlines in Airport CEO:

here you find new updated Airline list (excel) with all airlines:!AnJ6e9c-a76fqfR7Xq2tiXP7ihT4kw?e=PAgorL
Thank you to dawed , for creating that :slight_smile:

OL = Old Livery
NL = New Livery
SL = Special Livery

Maybe it is not complete , but all real airlines i found are in :slight_smile:
If i forgotte some real airlines , please write me here , and say me the airline names :slight_smile:
(please only real airlines , no fictional)

here you find all mods from the aceo modding group:

and here you see what is in work:


I’m pretty sure you forgot about SunExpress

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OK , thank you :slight_smile: You are right :slight_smile: i will add it

Has Sri Lankan Airlines been done?

No , i don’t think so, but it is on our list to do :slight_smile:

New updated ACEO Airline’s List you find now in that link:!AnJ6e9c-a76fqfR7Xq2tiXP7ihT4kw?e=PAgorL

Thank you to dawed , he made this list :slight_smile: and he also will update this


With time we will update it with steam links and information like if airline has small stand planes, historical airline… We are open for any idea…

Maybe i add countries soon

Big Update: All available Airlines can be sorted by Country, historic and/or small stand planes

Next big Update on the excel:
Added fictional airlines table from the ACEO Modding Group
And all the Steamlinks from the ACEO Modding Group

Edit: Update 10.09.2019, with a seperated table of all Business Mods from the ACEO Modding Group and it is now possible to search for a specific Modder of the ACEO Modding Group

Edit: Update 16.09.2019, new row with legend of livery type (Special, Old, New, Retro, Multilivery)

Edit: Update 31.10.2019, the list is now sortable by small planes, medium planes and big planes…
Also changed the PivotChart to this option

Edit: 14.11.2019 Just some Interesting facts for today

not many Countries are White