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Hey there CEO,

Are you planning to do an Airport CEO livestream? Let your fellow CEOs know in this topic by stating the following:

  • Link to your livestream
  • Time of livestream start (including time zone stamp)

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In About 15 or 30 minutes before game release.
= I’ll start a Livestream on my small channel

Heres Link:

(I didn’t think there war any rule that said we cant link our own channels)

Livestream starts 15 or 30 before release of the game

I’m sorry, but I won’t be watching your stream.

I gonna play the **** out of it myself!! :smiling_imp:


Same, but it’ll be good to have people streaming the game at release. Good publicity if the game trends on Twitch.


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Hello, i am planning on doing a launch day stream tomorrow (launch day) at 11:45AM (15 minutes before release). You can check it out on my twitch

Hey guys, my Building Challenge on twitch will start today (Friday 2nd of August) at 8PM, UTC+2 on my Twitch channel SKtaehyung
You can find more Infos in the related Forum Post under the Videos and Stream Section or on my Channel Panels, where you can also give suggestions which airports I should try to build

Next Stream on Sunday the 4th of August 2019, spread over the day i guess, just come and look if i am or was online :3,
Eindhoven will be continued ^^

My Stream