Livestream Announcements


Hey there CEO,

Are you planning to do an Airport CEO livestream? Let your fellow CEOs know in this topic by stating the following:

  • Link to your livestream
  • Time of livestream start (including time zone stamp)

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Updated Forum Rules on Self Promotion

In About 15 or 30 minutes before game release.
= I’ll start a Livestream on my small channel

Heres Link:

(I didn’t think there war any rule that said we cant link our own channels)


Livestream starts 15 or 30 before release of the game


I’m sorry, but I won’t be watching your stream.

I gonna play the **** out of it myself!! :smiling_imp:


Same, but it’ll be good to have people streaming the game at release. Good publicity if the game trends on Twitch.


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edit > the invite link was a little messed up so if you tried to use it earlier and it didn’t work, please try it again :slight_smile:


Hello, i am planning on doing a launch day stream tomorrow (launch day) at 11:45AM (15 minutes before release). You can check it out on my twitch