"Load Airport" is empty


This morning i was able to access my saved games from the “Load Airport” menu, but when trying to play later tonight, all my saved games are missing. All the saves are fully visible in the local files (/Users/bpayson/Library/Application Support/unity.Apoapsis Studios.Airport CEO/Saves), but they are not showing up in the menu.

I am running MacOS Catalina 10.15.7
I am using Airport CEO Beta 4.2-0

How can i fix this?

thank you, love the game.


@twoplank Had the same problem, the save folder had changed from Library/Application Support/unity.Apoapsis Studios.Airport CEO to Library/Application Support/Apoapsis Studios/Airport CEO

You can copy the save games to the new folder and everything runs fine (same with templets, nativ mods )