Loading crash

Hello, i’m on ACEO 1.0-19 and both today and yesterday my game have stopped responding while loading. Every time it stops at “Loading agents” state.

Yesterday i tried to load my save. A save that i have my own name on. And when the loading hit the “loading agents” it would just be there, the longest i’ve waited is 10 mins. I did try several times.

Luckily yesterday i have auto save that was just 5 mins behind my save, and that loaded in fine.
So i played for a bit then saved over my save with my custom name.

And now, when i started the game and try to load my game it still gets stuck at " loading agents" So I tried and load the auto save that is closest to my save time. But that one also gets stuck at “loading agents”

Why is this happening? What can i do?

Manged to get into my save with the 3:rd autosave in the list. Played for 5 mins. Then made a new save with a new name.

Then something happend where my flight planner didn’t show any flights or airlines.
So i decided to load my save i just did. And that one also got stuck at " loading agents"

Is something broken with the game or with my save? I really don’t wanna loose this airport.

I would take a guess and say it saved corrupted info.

Most probably, I tried a lot yesterday and it’s really a 50/50 change no matter if i take the my save or an auto save. The first time it might get stuck at “loading agents” the second time i load the same save it works.