[LOCKED] DevLog and multi floors


Are we getting Dev log less is more today? What about the multi floor system that was announced to be soon on the internal branch?


Dev Log SHOULD be late Monday CET. There’s always a chance it could be delayed.

With the joyful announcement of Hugo, Fredrik is officially on maternity leave. Given that’s one of the features he’s the primary Dev on, I think it might be a little while longer, but that’s wonderful given the joyous news.


Give them some more time, if there’s one thing i’be learned about creating arma3 missions, it’ts creating new dimensions requires dynamics overhaul on many unsuspected divisions.


Okay, so it’s appearing about every two weeks? I’m waiting for it.


We had this conversation last week! Its every other Monday but it is often out a dot or two late depending on development and having enough stuff to put in.


I cant wait for it. :grinning:


I will close down the topic. Devs are very busy at the moment. One of them has a newborn and other 2 are working really hard to fill up missing developer’s space. When the time comes, developers will release the devblog and more info about features. Until then, what we supose to do is enjoy the game, help other people and report bugs to the developers :wink:

Topic is LOCKED

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