Lost all passengers, vehicles etc

Reloaded my save today (saved 2 days ago).
Lost all my staff (except 2 security officers)
Lost all vehicles
Lost all planes
Lost all passengers

Have made a ingame bug report as well: ACEO-28634

I saw an earlier post back in '18 about the same bug, but no problem resolving?

Hello and welcome to the forums. I’m sure this bug has been introduced and resolved many times.

Which version are you playing on? There are some differences between the two releases right now, so that would be hopeful. Have you looked in your player.log file to see if anything has been written in to there?


Using steam, normal branch: 35.5-3
Save was at version 35.5-1

I coudn’t find anything in the issue_log, that means; the issue_log was there, but in the log was a warning saying it coudn’t create a log.

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Version 35.5-1 had a few nasty bugs in it that could have been the cause of this issue. I cannot see anything in the logs unfortunately so it’s a bit difficult to say what happened here. Can you reproduce the issue in any way?


Unable to recreate the problem, unfortunately.
I started working on a new airport, as the previous was the tutorial airport as well.

Thx for the reply’s.

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