Lost passengers - idling


Is this on a newly built airport (29.9-4) or have you built it from an earlier experimental version?


My airport was built in old version, besides on the left corner, several passengers appear for micro segonds to disapear after leaving 15$ as if they board into a plane. For the question you say. All the new doesn’t apply in the airports built in old version?


Well, the bug (or bugs) that caused a bunch of passengers and staff to get dumped in that lower corner was mostly present in previous versions before Alpha 29.9-4. It may still be there, but if the save originates from an earlier version I’m always interested in if the passengers were saved into that position or if something 29.9-4+ caused that bug again.


The boarding bug that shows boarding PAX in the corner is still present and it seems not to be a leftover, but something current. Will make a shorrt video later.


It’s better if you make a bug report, if its present I will be able to recreate it tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Thank you very Much Olaf. I try the next days to open a request for this problem (Yesterday, the amount of the passangers waiting for boarding is around 24000 persons :frowning:). One question, all the news only uploaded in the new airports building is?


Sorry, I don’t understand. Would you mind rephrasing it for me? :slight_smile:


OK. My question is if all the new things you create are uploaded also for old aiport we built :flight_arrival::salida del vuelo:

And It possible to create for my own airline (with models, colors etc) is?


Yes, new updates are carried into existing airports.

And yes, you can mod the game as follows: www.airportceo.com/modding :slight_smile: