Love the new tutorials need next day button or faster time

loving the new tutorial I haven’t played for a few months. It’s def a good idea to start small with the GA flights and build solves one of the games biggest problems from a few months ago - I’d like a next day or faster time adv b/c GA flights can’t run at night when you start - waiting for the next day is boring

also it’s silly but adding more cosmetic options is wise - gives people a stronger sense of agency and self - add a bald CEO! I want my avatar to look like me :slight_smile:

great game! loving it ! keep up the good work!

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There is a skip forward to next day button in the operation menu if I remember rightly


The “skip forward to next day” button needs to skip to 5.00am, when scheduled flights are operating. Waiting for morning really can be boring.

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If only there is a function button for ‘SKIP NEXT DAY’ on keyboard…

@DRX your 2 years late

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