Lower the game price!


I know a lot of friends (including my self) who are keeping an eye on this game development but we have not purchased it yet as it is quite expensive.

Advise: lower the price a bit and and you will have a lot of new downloads!


Maybe, for me is normally priced since developers are working hard on this game spending hours at scripting and fixing bugs… So yeah I don’t know…As I said I think it’s normally priced but everyone has own opinion :wink::slight_smile:


For me 16 € for such a great game with so much potential rather too little. For a later date, I would find € 20 even legitimate.


16 euros is a bargain. They could easily ask more for the game. I can’t name a single good management game at this price point apart from AirportCEO.


It’s less than the price of a CD… and I have >400 hours on that price… this price per hours is stupidly laughably low. I sort of wish there was a kickstarter or patreon account or something beyond it… hard to pay staff to develop something when there’s no income because there’s no game yet…


Looks at my hours in game :open_mouth:. I’m in the penny range… 1200 hours plus and enjoying every singe one of them. :blush::grinning:


The game does pop up in the steam sale every now and then


Wait what? Here i got the game for only 120.000 IDR, which is 8.5 dollar. Is it different in other countries?


The price varies slightly depending on your country as Steam suggests that developers follow their standards, i.e, making variations based on currency differences. This is the norm on Steam and most games follow that model.

The game price will not be lowered, we do run occasional sales as mentioned here. As the game becomes more complete, we will slightly increase the cost of it (incremental per early access standards). The cost of purchasing a game goes right into the future development of it (we have no publishers or middle hands except for Steam)! :slight_smile:

… and if you want to support us in excess of buying it yourself you can always gift it to friends via Steam!


In my opinion 16 € are more then fair for this game. I wouldn´t even bother if the price would be up to 25€ with all the effort which is put in this project and how much they take care of the wishes of us users.
So I hope you don´t mind that I just take the chance to thank the devs for that great game.


Price for what we currently have, and the state the game is in.

Considering the game is in Alpha, and also what we expect in the future is perfect.

And also make sure you understand, that Steam still takes a fair amount (I’m not too sure the exacts). Therefore, in order to maintain a profit for the game.