Luggage scanners: Opinions on order?

I did not note any topic on this: in what order should the luggage scanners be arranged. I tried the 2 following options, but did not really noted a difference.

Probably, more seasoned player will have an opinion :0)

Option 1:
Every luggage pass trough all Lvl1 and 2 scanners in line, and any rejected by any of the 6 scanners goes to Lvl 3 manual check. This option is to me more logical… but I might be wrong :0)

Option 2:
Every luggage passe throug Lvl 1 scanner, only rejected ones pass at the next Lvl 2 scanner, rejected to the next, etc.
This option seems to me less logical.

Well, what is your take, mates ?

Option 2 is not gona work at all, because a bag that could be scanned by say the guns, can’t get there because to move along it’s got to be picked out by say, the organics scanner and more. Option 1 is good, but move the tier 2 scanners to the belt that the tier 1 lets off, because you don’t need to scan bags that the tier 1 scanner has already scanned

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Here is the ACEO wiki on baggage Baggage - Official Airport CEO Wiki
Along with the info graphic from that page


I can confirm, exactly this works perfect at my huge airport. :+1:

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Thanks a lot, never saw this scheme… Well, my bad, but thanks

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2 tier III scanners is indeed advised, since when you don’t have a manned station on shift change, you will get fines for dangerous baggage.

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It great to see my infographic being put to good use! Hope it helps/helped!

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Np! Just take it from the pros who have 1K or more hours of playtime (I think I’m only at 998 hours of playtime? So not 1000 just yet). Always happy to help

Edit: Wait by my own logic I’m not a pro because I don’t have 1K hours yet. WELP

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Not exactly the same topic but, is there a guide on how many stands baggage bay can support, and of what kind. I thought I have seen this somewhere on the forum, a wiki, or YouTube, but cannot find it.

I currently have an 8 medium stand terminal with 2 baggage bays. Each baggage bay supports 4 medium stands, and, intermittently, the baggage bays appear to be overwhelmed. It always appears to be the ability to load the bags onto departing planes as the issue. The way I spot this is, I constantly see my passenger rating for baggage jumping between high 80% to mid 40%. I have roughly 12 baggage cart vehicles, more than 1 per stand.

I seem to recall seeing something that 1 baggage bay could handle X amount of small stands, Y amount of medium stands, and Z amount of large stands.

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Initially this was the rule:

But I think it has changed a bit. Correct me if that’s the case.


Actually, I just noticed that if I click on the baggage bay, it gives me all of that information. It appears the points for the stands are all still correct, but baggage bays can now handle 12 points total. Thanks for the reply

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