Luggage zone or exit at first?

which one you think will be better? for the arrival terminal, luggage zone before exits or after them? I found both are available in the game. but in reality, I think the process is: get off the plane - immigration - luggage - custom checks - exit. what do you think?

The order I think is:
Immigration > Luggage > Exit
Immigration > Exit > Luggage

I prefer the first, but they both work :slight_smile:

Also, there is only three, no coustoms!

International flights traditionally will have a customs checkpoint after immigration. Baggage reclaim is sandwiched in the middle as part of a one way route. Staff however freely can back track.

In USA I’m told it is common for domestic or low risk flights to have their baggage reclaim in public non secure zones.

I find it best in ACEO to keep it in secure zone to prevent crowds taking up seats in check in area.

In real world. Hold luggage reclaim must be 100% segregated from departure areas due to the various dangerous items banned from the cabin but allowed in the hold :slight_smile: hence the one way route for passengers but staff usually can roam back and forward

my opinion
Exit > Immigration > Exit > Luggage > Exit