Main Site loading slow


I don’t know why… but the Home Page and Media Page are loading too slow for me.

And interestingly… the default Ad-blocker and some plug-in ad-blockers… think that all the screen-shots and images are ads and they blocked them!! @Olof You should white list domain with some popular Ad Blockers of Chrome, Firefox… and default ad blocker of Opera. Shouldn’t take much time other than shooting them an email… Not sure tho.

Overall the Forum runs fast… but the main web site is too slow loading for me. BTW my Internet top speed at the moment is 28.3 mbps…Take 10 as average speed for me… not much… but should be enough for a loading any website within 1s. Actually it is enough.


I noticed this too.

By looking the page code, i identified that there are some JS taking time to load ( i.e modernizr-custom.js).

I also identified that some of the JS files are called at the begining of the page, if they are not requested early in the loading, you can send them to the end of the page before the tag.

Finally, if you send all analytics script at the end of the page, it will load the page faster.

Hope it helps !


Uh do I have to do that… or the Devs?? I feel it’s for the Devs.


Yes it’s for the Devs :slight_smile:


Hey! Yes, we are aware of the fact that there are multiple low priority issues with the website. What we really should do is to build a new one and host it somewhere else but there is definitely no time for that as of now.

The site host performance is not much we can do about, the main issue is that we’re hosting it on our own infrastructure and on a 100 mb/s connection and have currently no funds or time to transfer it to a more reliable host.

The issue with the site performance is that it is running WordPress when we should really just be running a much more simple solution developed by ourselves.

After release and when the dust has settled we will try to make some adjustments and see what we can do about the site.


As a webdesigner I would be more than excited to help you guys out!


Resurrecting an old thread, but the site is slower than ever. Takes minutes before you can actually see any content. I know you’ve engaged an external studio, but while you wait, throw the site on a CDN ( at the free tier and give it a shot. Should help in the interim.


While an old topic has been revived, i would like to point out the mobile version of the site seems bugged to me. I can’t see what i’m typing to log in, when i try to blindly type in the too narrow blocks for username and ^pw, it tell me i enter wrong data while i’m dead certain of my login. And it doesn’t send me an email for pw recovery whe, i click on it. (All this when accessing the website on my phone)


We’re aware of this and are currently working on implementing new websites. The intended launch date for the new Airport CEO is in early December.