Make boarding desks an even number of tiles wide


Pretty much every placeable is an even number of tiles wide (excluding the placeables which are 1 block square), except for the boarding desk. There is no way to place the boarding desk without it looking off as it’s always one block too much to either side. I’d like to ask the devs to implement boarding desks which are either 4 or 6 blocks wide, making it more visualy appealing.

Perhaps make two tiers of boarding desks: small and large. The small one being the same as now (but 4 blocks wide) and the large one having three lanes, allowing for more passenger to board the plane simultaneously. (being 6 blocks wide)


Yes, this bugs me as well, I end up placing them side to the door rather than in front.


I agree. Good point.


Completely agree


This could be completed by moving the baggage collection belt to in between the desks instead of being on each side. This also eliminates the problem of the baggage belt being at the end of the line of check in desks that usually means I push my belts one block further out away from it to avoid problems.


@Bardaek: but we are talking about boarding desks not check in desks…


Yes, my OCD has big problems with this.


Let’s see if @Alexander has some time over… :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t suffer from OCD, I do however suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder…


While we’re on it though too, because check in desks are the same width. Boarding desks, I’d like to see them 4 wide also.


Absolutely agree! Four would be the preferred width, so they would fit with the 4 tiles doors.