Managing a big aiport (staff)


Ok, so I can get around building a big airport just fine. If it has about 6-7 stands everything works smoothly. Problems start if you have more.
Main problem are the staff. Big airport = long distances. Since we can’t use service cars for normal ramp agent commute I thought that I cant make some kind of “terminals”- so like 6-7 stand buildings with own security, check -ins and so on. It would be perfect but there is no mechanism of assigning workers to certain areas.
My question is- how do you get around that? I did try building multiple staff rooms but they(staff) usually stay in the first one, which is a loooong way from other “terminals”. Any Ideas on how to make it work?


True its big problem for me. I can do the big airport but its BIG delays.


Multiple staff rooms will help you just have to give it time to settle. In a the new update with multiple floors they are also making it possible to make multiple terminals

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Hi, how I get round that one is by limiting who can use what staff room. For instance if you only allow executives, janitors, airport staff and service technicians to use the staff room in the unsecured areas then the ramp agents and security staff will move off and occupy the staff rooms in the secured areas which is where they should be. Hope this helps.


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Is there any news when it will be available ?


Work in progress! The devs confirmed that they are deploying a new version on the internal branch this week so hopefully on experimental in a week or two!

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Big airport = long distances

True its big problem for me. I can do the big airport but its BIG delays.

That’s definitely a pitty, fully agree.

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