Manchester Alan Turing Airport - Large, Modern, 41 stand Satellite Airport

Inspired by Heathrow’s Terminal 5, Manchester Alan Turing Airport utilises space effectively, with 13 medium and 28 large stands, plenty of seating areas and a large shopping and dining area - this is probably the largest well-designed airport you’ll find.

With two large runways on either side of the land, the airport incorporates a satellite ‘toast-rack’ design, with access via underground, secure tunnels. The airport also features an underground short stay and long stay car park, with escalator access to the terminal.

All service vehicle parking is located underground, again to maximise ground floor space. The airport features a National Rail station, with links to Manchester Victoria, Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Airport, as well as a Metrolink station, bringing the airport within closer reach to the region.

The airport is named after Alan Turing, an English mathematician and computer scientist, who lived in Wilmslow, Manchester.

This airport is very large and I would carefully plan your flight schedule to avoid severe delays. Staff can be hired in bulk using the F10 menu (fn + F10 on Mac). I’d strongly recommend using F9 (fn + F9 on Mac) and use ‘motherlode’ cheat to gain some much needed money (this airport is expensive to operate!)

2 - Check-in and Security
1 - Departures
G - Arrivals, Train/Metrolink Station, Pick-up/Drop-off
-1 - Departures Satellite Filter, Short and Long stay Car Park
-2 - Arrivals Satellite Filter

If you like this airport, it’s available in the Steam Workshop. Check out my previous creation, Coventry Airport, which can be found on the workshop.



yeash thats huge. how are the frames?

Amazing work! You are truly a talented airport designer.

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The frames begin to decrease when I open satellites B and C.

Thank you!

Amazing work!!!

looks like Heathrow Terminal 5, so cool!


could you post link?

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I also named my Manchester airport after Alan Turing! Not as nice as this one though

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Thats a cool design! I named a Manchester airport after Sir Alex Ferguson! Not as fancy though

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