Many Bugs (Baggage, Flight Planner, Crafter Service Truck, Check in)



(my English is not so good, sorry)

i have many problems with my Baggage Sytem. In the Check in and on the Cargo Bay keep the Suitcase stuck.
I must every 3 Minutes Remove it. (Suitcase)

My 4 Crafter stuck on the Cargo Bay and don´t move. (Arrived).
Flight Planner cancel my Flight´s.



Reload your save game… or try using F10 Debug Menu.


Also it looks like your outgoing Baggage belt is not built properly. So the Baggage is not able to reach the Baggage Claim area.


I had many Reloads make it. :frowning:

The System is complet but the Suitcase hanging on the first place (comming) and on the last by outgoing.
i Removed many times the Suitcase :frowning:


Yes, that looks indeed like it’s not moving on. Can you save the game and file a bug report? To fix it, press the bag and press “mark for deletion” and see if that opens it up. As for the vehicles, are you sure they can make it to their destination (stands) via the roads?


There is a bug in the game which makes the vehicles stick to Baggage Bay for no reason. They just don’t move (Not all of them… mostly one or two in every session). It gets solved by Reloading the game.


Here the Picture From both.


For bugs that resolve themselves upon load we really need the output_log to check for any errors, alternatively running the save ourselves for a few game hours the check the flow is also beneficial so we’d be especially happy to get this save in! :slight_smile:


Ik… but I have lost that save now since it gets solved on reload. I’ll send a save when it happens again. And also it doesn’t show any erorrs when I press F9.


OK i will send you my Game and the Bug Output_Log.
Where is this ?


Maybe try to demolish then rebuild the baggage bay again?

On an unrelated note: something’s weird about that conveyor belts in the left baggage bay.


Even though we run a log hook to the F9 console I suspect not everything is being logged there, there’s also other important hardware and software data in the output_log that can help us so that’s always beneficial.

You send in the bug via the bug reporting form on the website! :slight_smile: It’s on the right hand corner and you’ll have instructions there.


I suggest you to build with
2 Check-in desk -> 1 Baggage bay & 1 baggage claim area per 1 stand…


Ehmm… sorry to ask, but what does this have to do with service vehicle being stuck?


I can´t find this Bug Reporting


Open (the main page)

There should be a black button on the right side of the window.


Yeah i Found it but my Game make not Output_Log in Steam\SteamApps\common\Airport CEO\Airport CEO_Datafiles\


I have the same issue with no output file. Do we need to change some settings in F10?


Mine is also not where their bug report window claims, this has been reported many time by many users and seemingly ignored for some reason.


On Windows you can find it here: [my user folder]\AppData\LocalLow\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO