Many late flights



Have built an airport in sandbox, currently has 14 med stands on the terminal, and 9 med remote stands., PAX upwards of 5k. I have plenty of security check points, and more than enough staff in all depts, yet a large number of my flights are running late - nearly always as a handful of PAX are late to board. Is this something I’m doing wrong, or can the PAX not deal with the long distance to walk?
At this stage, the airport is not workable as airline happiness is getting low due to late departures mounting up.
Is there a solution for this? Is it a bu (I don’t think it is)? Am I doing something wrong?


Have you checked the flight monitor panel? Press G and give us a screen shot and we’ll try to see what the issue can be.


I built a pretty big airport also, and i have 2 Terminals, One on the left side of the (map) and the other one on the right side for testing. And what’s happening is that all my passengers, that are suppose to check-in in T2, instead walk to T1, and not checking the information screen to see, where is my check-in desk haha. SO when the check-in actually opens. All the pax are in the wrong side of the airport.


Awesome so see such a quick reply from a dev :smiley: <3. That’s soo awesome. @Olof


Yeah, that’s the issue, we currently do not support multiple terminals (but only divided secure areas). This is most likely what’s causing your issues, we’ll be targeting support for this as soon as multiple floors have been deployed. We recognize that this is sought after feature that unknowingly breaks many airport designs.

Of course! I am here to help! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!
I’m not able to get on at the moment but will soon as I can. Interestingly, when my airport was smaller, everything was running smoothly apart from the occasional 1 or 2 people being late for the flight. Currently, I think I need to tweak things a bit as there are some other issues arising such as baggage loading issues (again got many service trucks and ramp agents who are resting as not needed).
Going to try a few things to make it run smoother, bit will get a photo of the flight monitor screen.