Map designing? Roof options?

I was thinking about making an airport like Osaka Kansai, in Japan - But it has the weird airport layout, it being on an island and strange roof.

Since there is only maps on the mainland, it would be nice for it to be surrounded by sea. I’m not sure if there already is something like that, but it’s a suggestion.

Number 2, roof options.
It’s quite boring with just flat and boring roof. So what about something like a fancy roof like Washington Dulles? It would honestly make the game more fun, and enjoyable. I would 100% be more creative. Along with that, window’s should be able to be added in the roof!

This was the suggestions I had. Hope to see them in-game at some point! :smiley: :airplane:

Edit: I just saw a reply saying there would be no more major updates. My bad.

With the water tiles you can do a little bit of an island airport. Sure you cannot change the landscape outside the buildable area.

Here an island runway:

But too much water might have a bad impact on the GPU/performance.

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I have the same issue with the current roofs; the ugly spam of AC units makes it hard to create a modern look. I was thinking something could be added similar to the floor tile system at the very least.

Hmmm, let’s see if we can mod it in with the tools that we have now…

EDIT: the best way to do this for the best result takes a lot of file editing, so it isn’t really feasible. Ill see what else I can do however

Well, I figured out a workaround to at least not have the AC units cluttered on top: After placing a large amount of terminal foundation simply delete the foundation under the AC units, then replace it again and it will not be there. I think this is because the game does not put AC units on top of small amounts of terminal, but you can trick it by making a large terminal out of small chunks.

Never mind, it doesn’t work. The AC units reappear when you reload the map. What a shame :neutral_face: