Map Size change?


I just started a new game and the map is way smaller then my old save. Was there ever a change in map sizes or do I have to change something?


The Dev’s changed the map size quite a while ago to help with performance issues.

Thankfully I kept a newly started version of the old map with no building or development on it.


Oh wow! Luckily I have this old save. With the new one its super hard to start an airport.
@Olof @Fredrik Is there a way we could implement in the settings that you could also start with the old map size?


It is very hard on the new map size, but I’ve done it a few times without using loans and just building slowly and letting the money build up till you can get medium planes working.


I can imagine :grinning: I would rather like to build up already my medium size airport with skipping the small aircraft period


I have tried a hard game with 2 medium stands as start, it did work :slight_smile:.

That was on the small map already.