Map size update request


On the old maps, there is a square of 33 that we can unlocked.On the new the square is only 22.
Is possible to have posibility to choose betwenn these maps.It’s more realistic to have some 2 km runways ins’t it ?


I’m sure this will get changed cause having a small map is annoying but at the moment they are bringing in some big features like remote accessed gates. So this might be a small fix a few weeks away. Well hopefully.


If you just need more space, you can do that by editing the save file. At Users/%Username%/AppData/Roaming/ApoapsisStudio/Saves, select the save file you wanted to edit, open the GameData.json, then find the string [WorldSize; x: 700, y:700, z:1]. Edit the x and y to your liking.


Please note that any change to the map size or play area, outside what is standard offered in game, can have impact on the performance and playability, so applying the changes @Earl_of_Arland suggests is at your own risk. I have an edited map size and can confirm that performance is influenced by it, so please be aware of this possible consequence.


Let’s wait the next update