Market Research

When ratings fall for: Airport, Passengers, Airlines, General Aviation, the player has no idea why. He is unaware of the calculations used to compute these, so he cannot fix what is wrong. He is left to guess.

Suggestion: provide an unlockable function, requiring a COO and CIO, which will display a button at the top of screen (similar to the Weather button). When clicked, a screen is displayed that shows the values, with description, of each of the variables that are used for each Ratings calculation, and the final result for each.

Two options:

  1. The unlockable displays the calculation for all four ratings. Cost to unlock: $50,000
  2. Each of the four Ratings is its own lockable. Cost to unlock: $15,000

A real airport would have market research to determine where it needs to improve. Costs to unlock should not be like the over-priced Trail Scanner, Mind Reader, or Travel Document Scanner. And, there should be no recurring/hourly costs.



great idea

yes,i think its an excellent idea because even i find it hard to determine the cause for why the ratings go down

Great idea! Much like Planet Coaster has the “guests thoughts” tab with percentages, positives/negatives (e.g. there aren’t enough bathrooms), there should be “passenger thoughts” and “airline feedback” tabs in ACEO.


This makes a lot of sense. Was it implemented? It would be much better than it is. I hope it was implemented.
Market research is essential because it’s essential to have that knowledge before entering the market. However, I never liked doing the research myself. That’s why I always looked for a way to make it easier on myself. The good thing is that I found They have all the info I need. That makes the market research process much easier for me. I like reading those articles because they’re filled with helpful information.

Not. Moreover, the rating system works crookedly.