Medium and Large Runways


With the first large aircraft about to enter Airport CEO it becomes inevitable to talk about the implementation of middle and large runways as well. Currently the game only provides us with a small runway, but what is the background:

As many of you might know, runway length is not the sole factor that determines what kind of aircraft a runway can accomodate. The other two main factors are width and PCN (Pavement Classification Number = Strength of the surface). In real life, the smallest runways used mainly by GA-only airports have a width of 23m and the smallest runways used for commercial aviation are normally 30m. Medium airliners usually require 45m width to operate without any limitation and most major international airports with a lot of widebody traffic commonly have 60m wide runways.

Why it should be implemented:

The current small runway is just too narrow to have big jets operating on them and also it would add a lot more progression and flavor to the game if only the small runway is available at game start and medium and large runways must be procured (if desired).

How it should work:

Since all airside objects in Airport CEO seem to be at a scale of 1:2 I propose the following stats:

  • Small runway: minimum 600m x 24m (75 tiles long as right now and 3 tiles wide), able to accomodate GA traffic and small commercial flights.

  • Medium runway: minimum 1000m x 40m (125 tiles long and 5 tiles wide), able to accomodate medium aircraft.

  • Large runway: minimum 1400m x 56m (175 tiles long and 7 tiles wide), able to accomodate large aircraft.

Along with it, respective runway entry and exit taxiways at 3 tiles width for small runways, 5 tiles width for medium runways and 7 tiles width for large runways should be implemented.

If anybody thinks that my proposed runway lentgths are too long I would like to remind you that 1000m for medium and 1400m for large aircraft are already about half of the length usually required in real life and runways in game come at a scale of 1:2 which means that they will be actually 500m and 700m long, so just a quarter of the lenghts in real life.

For me as a pilot, this is a must have since it would increase realism and add more flavor to the game. Let me know what you think.


I like this point of view have been thinking about posting something like the above myself. :blush:


Great idea! Although if this is implemented, small planes should be able to land on all 3 types, and medium sized planes on medium and large size runways for obvious reasons…


Of course!
One could also argue that all large aircraft are usually capable of operating from 45m runways. For that reason an alternative could be to make the small runway 32m wide (4 tiles) and add just one bigger runway above it which is 48m wide (6 tiles) for medium and large aircraft. Lengths requirements should not be less than I proposed in my initial post. Two runway types instead of three may make it less complex if desired.


Maybe I get another point of view, as soon as large aircrafts got into the game and I see the differences in size myself.

But for now: Do large aircrafts really need taxiways that width (7 tiles)? I do understand for runways, as they come in with influences by (side) winds and at a high speed. But once they are taxiing on the ground at low speed, shouldn’t 5 tiles still be enough?


I love this idea, but would opt for a 1600 m long runway for the large aircraft.

In regards to the taxiway, perhaps we can judge that when the first large type will be available in the beta-test. I would not mind building the taxiway 7-wide BTW for the larger aircraft.


You have a point with that. Standard taxiway width is usually 23m so 5 tiles should be fine also for large aircraft. However, as you said, it might look different when the aircraft is actually taxiing on it as the shoulders of the current taxiways ingame are quite wide as well. We shall see.
But I definitely want 3 tiles wide runway entries and exits as that is wide enough for GA and small aircraft and also, should my proposal of narrowing the current small runway should be implemented, it would look quite weird if the runway is 3 or 4 tiles wide and the smallest runway entry or exit is 5 tiles wide.


Me too Its need in game because meadium flights cant taxi on 3 tiles wide runway entries.