Medium (Remote-)Stands Boardind Desk Count


Hey Guys,

does anybody know, is the two boarding desk rule for some medium flights still active? Specially for remote stands I ask.


Do you mean, do you need two boarding desks to board remote stands? If so, then not as far as I know, I can get away with 1 boarding desk for any medium stand, that being said, its sometimes a little slower. Also, most of the passengers tend to just join one boarding desk queue. Although, the devs are aware of that problem and I believe are working to solve it.


Thanks! Thats the answer I would hear :wink:
I know this rule from the past that for some medium flights 2 boarding desks are required.


No problem! Although yeah, maybe some flights need two boarding desks, but if they exist, I’ve never encountered them! :joy:


Do you mean check in desk? Medium desk need two check in desks


Do they? I never gave my medium flights two check-in desks hmmmmm… interesting. This could explain many things. :joy:


In the past (3 month ago when I play last time) it remember thet the most medium flight require two desks, but not all. And in game now, also one desks is accepted for some flights


Well, then, that’s good to know! Funnily enough, in one of my airports I was getting check in desk shortages!


There has been a bug where the game allocated too much check-in desks for a flight, that has been fixed (don’t know the bug nr). For a medium stand you should have 2 check-in desks available.

1 boarding desk per stand is enough, you can have 2 boarding desks if you want. But PAX are not ‘intelligent’ enough to actually look at how busy a desk is and if there is another free/less busy desk available and switch to that. So if they queue up for 1 desk they will stay there, if you situate your seating and desks correct they can use both the desks.


As for the check in desks, thanks for the info! For the boarding desks, I had noticed that, its quite funny to see them using one boarding desk and the other is completely empty!


Indeed, can be the same for check-in and security desks. The devs are aware and want to change that over time.