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I like to build large airports but for some reason flight always delay and I cant seem to get a good airport design that will have a lot of stands so I can use modded planes. Has anyone built a mega airport? And can you sight more than 21 airline contracts?


Personally I have built maybe 4 large large airports, and yes you can sign more than 21 airline contracts. You can actually sign as many as you want if I am correct.
Your problem could be many things that make your airport operations delayed.
This could include, shortage of staff, shortage of resources, shortage of vehicles, something is missing from a stand, your airport has a problem with zoning, people and or baggage have a hard time getting around the airport, part of your airport they pass through does not function properly, or people cannot access or have no access to stand.

It might be a very long list but it should not be hard to figure out what is wrong if it is one of the above. Of course I can not name all of them and if you are having even more delays please send some pictures for all of us to see.


In will do. Thanks

Reduce the distances for every movement involved.

  • walking distance for passengers between different stages of the passenger lifecycle. That means you have to be smart about where you put all your facilities in relation to each other.
  • traveling distance for bags through the baggage system. This also means keeping the baggage bays close to stands but not excessively far away from check-in desks.
  • driving distance for service vehicles. Build parking lots close by to stands.
  • walking distance for staff. Scatter your breakrooms throughout so they can access the closest breakroom.

Increase the time between flights for recovery time.
Hire an abundance of staff. Having just enough, is actually not enough.

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I don’t think that (with current state of the game) you can build an efficient big airport. I am building one at the moment that has around 40 large stands and a bunch of medium ones.

Even if you are very good at designing the airport, which takes a lot of in-game experience imho, there are a few unsolvable problems due to the current mechanics of the game:

  1. Staff are not taking jobs in an efficient way and you can’t assign a fixed number of staff in staff rooms. Let’s say you have four check-in desks, even if you build a staff room next to it, you don’t have the certainty that there enough members of staff and that those will be the one who will actually take the check-in jobs.

  2. In-game time runs still too fast. In a big airport you will have planes that will take 30-40 even 50(!) in-game minutes just to reach their gates and it means that there will be delays for sure, even if everything else runs smoothly.

So my suggestion is to just build a big airport and have fun with it! You can fix the delay problems that you will have along the way. Be sure to have plenty of vehicles, staff, staff rooms, check-in desks, boarding desks (minimum 2 per gate, never 1!) and security checkpoints (plenty of those too).

Once those two things are fixed, and also the loading time of the save game (for a big airport it will take you 30 minutes to load it), you will definitely have a lot of fun and you can (and will) have all flights without delays.


Thanks for the information.


I am working on a mega airport and I only have 19 medium gates + 3 small gates (3 more small and 1 large not used)

With this I am already maxing out my 16GB of RAM. Is this typical? I have artifically doubled the boundaries of the map, but still I would expect processor usage to be the limiting factor here.

As previously stated, managing this size airport is near impossible. Planes take 2 hours to get to the gate and barely have enough time to load up and pushback before being late. Although the game doesn’t penalize you for this, they are taking off about 2 hours late every time.

I think the only real solution here is to slow down in game time by a factor of 2 or even 4. 15 min taxi time at a large airport is typical, however walking from the gate to baggage does not typically take 2 hours.

Here is a pic of my ground level.

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