MERCURY-45015 High CPU usage on closed airport

I was wondering what cpu usage I get if I close my 2000pax airport, Somehow it didnt change at all

Here is screenshot: High Cpu Usage

Can you tell your system specifications?

Another cause can be stucked staff or passengers.

1080 GTX , i5-7600k , NVM SSD

I have made sure there is no pax at airport this time, no staff stucked

and this si scrolled in screen, there is aprox 30-40% cpu usage wasted somewhere

I’m not sure I understand, in the screenshot it seems as if ACEO is consuming about 50% CPU which is not uncommon when a system is running a primary application like a game. A 100% CPU consumption on an empty grass field would be strange indeed but 50% on an airport that, even though is closed, has almost 500 employees to me sounds reasonable.