MINOR DETAILS: Make and discuss your tiny suggestions here!

I though as @Jettuh posted his little thing here I would too…



I would like to have a small arrow at the placeable stuff like counters so it will be more clear, in what direction an item looks. Also, you could color-code certain squares to indicate, where a passenger or employee will be standing at the item. This way you could save some trouble with placement only to get XX cannot get to work messages.


I would like to see more liveries for the GA Aircraft. Shouldn´t be too much work but would make it more enjoyable to play at a GA Airport.

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  1. A follow mode for the camera. So the view keeps following a certain aircraft/passenger.

  2. Barriers/cordons to cordon off areas (sort of indoor fences). To control passenger flow, like used at real airports.

  1. The big table with seven chairs for the board’s meetings. It’s in the staff menu, but where is it at the airport?


Maybe like a special extra wide conveyor for “Odd sized luggage”…

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And these…


And these…

I think these won’t even be seen from top down view

Or maybe he meant the things showed on the signs, not the signs to be in game?

Having the depicted things in the game would be very nice.

on the contrary it could be not for all of the signs of course but rooms lets say a female or male only bathroom can have a sign in the middle of it depicting which gender it’s for. This is just one example. Example of what I mean by sign in the middle is like what you if a stand, room or any placed object is turned off. However I feel like currently they don’t serve that big of a purpose into the game so opening time on those signs instead of developing may be considered unresourceful.

Maybe this have been suggested already, but I have a couple of tiny suggestions:

More customization of the player avatar. Now it’s only possible to choose between two hair stiles, three different kid of eyes/nose/lips/suits. I would like to have more options there.

Airport logo: similar to the avatar, just a few logos to choose from. It would be also nice to upload your own.

More signs: Like “exit”, “toilets”, “gates” and even empty sings where you can write your own personalized signs.


That is a really great idea !

You can use walls or glass panes for the moment, but I agree that a ~0 wide fence would be nice however especially for compact building and saving money.

But to fully control the passenger flow your would also need one-way doors which can be placed regardless of zoning.
If I understand this correctly, this has already been suggested in here:

That reminds me…
I recently built the first non-unisex-toilets (was too lazy to use two different rooms before).
Anybody else noticed that even though you mark them as female or male, people of the opposite sex still use these bathrooms?

I would like to see underground connections that can cross taxiways for pedestrians. So I could build a baggage center somewhere near the runway and would not have to care how my ramp agents cross the taxiway. Otherwise, let the service vehicles we already have connect not only to remote stands, but let the program identify zones as ‘remote’ zones if surrounded by taxiways and runways needing some kind of buildable drop-off point for workers that can be connected to a service car stand.

Since alpha 31 you can build underground terminal foundation as also roads under taxiways, runways, you can also put baggage bays in the underground part of the terminal. However, if you don’t want to use multiple levels, you can put across the taxiway a road (single lane simply crossing it between the buildings) and then place over it a long crosswalk to get the people walking through that taxiway. The planes won’t mind the people crossing right in front of or under them and people also wont mind the airplanes driving over them. :grin:

I’ve been always building separate male & female restrooms and I haven’t noticed PAX using wrong toilets. I’ve been checking it working fine each time after the major game version change. I haven’t tried however changing an already functioning toilet which PAX are currently using to a different sex to see what happens. I’m thinking those of opposite sex already inside likely will stay there until they want to leave, and will not leave it immediately after the switch.

I didn’t changed it, this toilet was designed for women from the beginning and there are two men in the toilet right now.
In the small men’s bathroom there are three :astonished: female janitors.

I do not find it very intuitive to have costs for upkeep/wages being both daily based and hourly based. This is very confusing. Also, some of the hourly costs are a bit high as seen with the service car and others.

I do not know if the point has ever been mentioned, but I think it would be helpful, if you can assign a airside vehicle to a specific vehicle depot.
In the moment, the cars drive very long distances to reach a aircraft stand while another similar vehicle stands still only a few metres in another depot

You can already do this to either a stand, a depot or a parking space