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@Olof suggested to make a thread for suggestions that are too small to have a separate topic.
Community can suggest small details in graphics or game ideas here. Try to make only small suggestions/Questions.

Mimic real life airports
How large will the initial map be?
Animated Conveyor Belts?
Parallel Aircraft Gates (and a few other ideas)
Community Realism Mod
Realistic Talk inprovment and ideas feel free to chat about
[Suggestion] Incidents, more security stuff
Connecting separate terminals
Purchasing Vehicles
Runway Aeroplane size setting?
Airline Hub, and dedicated things
Suggested type of remote stand
Airplane lights
GA Airport focus
Baggage holding area
Split the Duties of the Baggage Bay
Half Walls And Holes In Walls
Different types of takeoff
Landing animations
My big airport is getting bigger
New executive
Additional Features

Strobe lights of aircrafts
Airbus: Strobe lights flashing twice
Boeing, Embraer, etc.: Strobe lights flashing once


Our new Aircraft BAe 146 has almost 100 PAX. My suggestion for the next aircraft in the game is The Concorde which is also 100pax. It would be interesting to have atleast one super popular plane in the first release.


Passengers screaming at Staff of Airline or Airport if delays happen. Don’t hold back on the vocabulary!


The ground crew to guide the aircraft to where they need to park at the parking stands.


And you can upgrade to various precision parking systems to save money on staff? Would be cool


Aircraft on and Off, so that you wont be able to hear the noise of the engine running when it’s on the gate.


I have one question and idea too… Will the game be able to find flaws in security system similar to that of Prison Architect??? If not addressed quickly, the flaws could be used for attacks,etc.(similar to escapes and riots in PA)


Objects in your building slowly deteriorate over time and their upkeep should increase over time. For example after a few years a lounge sofa will have become tatty and not very nice for customers to sit on. There could be a slider value that suggests how tatty stuff is before it is replaced and an option to say it’s never replaced. This adds a bit of challenge to managing your budget as, although you have to build the airport, you also have to maintain the airport which can either happen manually or if you’re close to bankruptcy you might have to turn it off and renew and repair things manually.


things been put on stand prior to arrival


It won’t be realistic to have Concorde flights in the beginning though, as it only served big market airports. I think it’s better to prioritize jets that are seen in a lot of airports before doing the niche, trophy aircraft.


Perhaps flag objects of some sorts to promote the nationality of the airport and countries serviced by certain airlines within the terminal


A thing that many forget a bag belt


Maybe have passengers connect to other flights like in real life.

Connecting Flights
Passanger in conexion

Isn’t that a thing, and the reason there was a whole devlog about making passengers have plans?


DO you mean a passenger belt like this: http://airportceo.com/devlog-47-introducing-weekly-changelog-conveyor-belt-system-continuing-turnaround-processes-simulation/ ?

But I liked your ideas in your other post concerning immigration, customs and security checks!

@Bigbigcheese I dont know why but I have the impression that you are a bit rude to people… Maybe not everyone on here was a “Original Airport CEO Fan”…

Airport CEO Twitter Feed Thread

Maybe I need to adjust my phrasing… Not very good at articulating…


No worries! I just like a positive feeling in a forum like this where people are the most important thing :slight_smile: And if nobody is mentioning their impressions, we cant change our behaviors :slight_smile:


Wikipedia gave me wrong name


Oh! I see - That would be actually nice to see ingame :slight_smile: