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Also would love cargo operations as mentioned by others.

Finally helicopters, wealthy VIP types and medical.


That stuff will be explained in the third video


Thanks, i watched that video in a busy area and missed that line. Glad to hear it is already implemented and can’t wait to see it in action. Game looks awesome already, can only improve!


a security system that monitors plants this happens in some airports such as Hawaii because of the fragile ecosystem also I had to search for a good 5-10 minutes to find this http://govisithawaii.trackur.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/image15.png


I don’t know if is already asked, but i think can be cool have emergency landing, but not only for aircraft damage, also a passenger issue or a go around from other airport who can be unscheduled or some missed approach.
(Sorry if is a repost or wrong section.)


Hi @Aristo here’s a topic about emergencies


Hi sorry im new here so bare with but i dont know if this has been mentioned on here or anywhere yet ive not seen it in the quick look through but so dar the development looks amazing and i can not wait till i can get my hands on it but from watching the videos that have been released i have failed to notice the ability to build fences if im being blind please tell me if not maybe a thought to be put into the final game?


Answer in this post please use the search feature


Many, many people brought this up because they also couldn’t see fences. The devs answer was that they had the placeholder art but it wasn’t in the game. However I think there are now fences so don’t worry!


Since morning and evening is usually the most popular time for airlines I would like a possibility to have higher prices for morning and evening flights. :slight_smile:


A couple ideas I had was multi terminal capability. I think people arriving and having to choose terminals based on where plane is going to “dock.”

Also research paths would be nice such as improve security to be more efficient in catching bombs and throughput. I saw someone mention modular items such as security with improved throughput/security.

Make airport land expandable by purchasing neighboring parcels.



It’s up to the airlines to set the prices for the flights, they just pay us fees that are arranged in the contract screen.

I’m not a fan of research trees, as an airport operator you’re not going to have an R&D department, you’re just gonna buy new stuff. So maybe there should be a few tiers of items that you can buy depending on how much cash you have. Things getting unlocked over time has already been discounted.


I meant the landing and parking fees. :wink: I think the fees for GA currently is the same no matter what time they use the airport (except over night). It would be nice if airline were ready to pay higher fees for morning and evening flights when your airport is getting busy


I was thinking about the possibility to have gate with jet bridge or with bus and other service vehicles.
Also the possibility to implement multiple pane stand, like 2 medium plane (a320) or 1 big (b767)

In the picture there are 2 continue yellow lines and one dotted as example of what i mean.(malpensa airport)


I really have no idea how this will be implemented.


@NastyGamer Still, it would be quite cool! :stuck_out_tongue:


Power failures would certainly add to the challenge! Maybe you could purchase backup generators to keep essentials running like atc and security but cafes and shops have to close. Also fire alarms buttons that passengers can trigger (as an accident or as there is a real fire) and untended bags.


Yup cooler but more complex.

Every new feature just makes the current building system obsolete. We won’t stop giving ideas till 2020… but some feature just don’t fix into the current system.
All the ideas are just amazing but we need to decide which will add gameplay without sacrificing simplicity.


I’d suggest to see the term “Research” in a different context: it’s not always implying that you need scientists. When any company tries to implement something new, they need to do some market research and build up knowledge, provide trainings to employees and so on. That’s how I see the “research” feature e.g. in PA: your Security Chief does some market research for getting CCTV equipment.


Two types of runways and taxiways: asphalt and concrete. When you build new runway, over time it gain more and more tire markings.