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Tire markings need to be removed periodically, so it would also be nice to have this services performed on the runway. There are airports with smaller runways which do this more often, others not so much since the runways are bigger and the effect of rubber on the surface does not majorly increase risk of runway excursion.


I’m not sure if it has been mentioned somewhere else but the landing runway in the 2nd video was eastward facing but the smoke from the fuel pump was just going around in circles instead of staying westward. Just a tiny thing but I can’t “unsee” it.


wind can change direction and consequently landing approach now??


I’d like to see blue walkways on gate stands which don’t have jet bridges. Like the ones on this picture. It would also be nice if the passengers followed it “strictly”.


Would be a nice addition when we get remote stands etc, but we also have to remember that all aircraft don’t always have the doors in the same place, like the ATR 72 has its door located at the rear of the aircraft, where most others have theirs at the front


It could still be a walkway to specific part of the stand, and from there the passengers could find their way to the aircraft. For implementing remote stands, it would minimise on hilariously short bus journeys for stands that are almost at the terminal building but not quite.


I picture passengers walking on the blue line like a bunch of army soldiers… :joy:


The idea came from this picture, where we know passengers are going to cross these roads but there isn’t even a stop sign for the vehicles, I don’t think these arrows are necessary, but I believe at least stop signs are.

In this picture we can see stop signs (though I prefer a written STOP) and a striped walkway (though I prefer the blue ones :grin:) - on airports that have the blue ones, staff usually just say “follow the blue” to boarding passengers.

but we also have to remember that all aircraft don’t always have the doors in the same place

if you check the remote stands on the first picture I posted, they have walkways to the front and rear doors, but I believe in the game this wouldn’t fit, so I agree that it could be just until some specific part of the stand.


:grin::grin::grin: Another idea came after answering the previous one, since I’m defending stop signs, it could make traffic slower in these regions, so if a baggage cart (or any other service vehicle) needs to cross a region of “jetbridgeless” gates, it would take longer than if there were fewer stop signs and crossing walkways with pax going around, making it a good investement to implement the bridges. (I know that as of now the bridges are linked to large stands, but in the future this could be something)


someone have already proposed to implement the possibility to find a wanted people?


Do you mean wanted criminals in your airport, in disguise? If so, yes, but I do not believe it will be in the initial release. :slight_smile:


Would love to see tables for the restaurants, bars, and cafes vs using sofas and chairs as seen in the videos. This can clearly wait until after early access.


Here’s hoping you can mod those objects in yourself :slight_smile:


ok I’ve looked it up but didn’t have one come up but a fire department training ground that they can build with your permission or rent out a space here an example at Camarillo airport where I’m currently attending a flight school


I made a suggestion for a mock aircraft to be used for fire drills. Is that what you mean? We could also have an empty building for regular fire drills


I think it could be a cool addition to be able to decide what types of aircraft will land on your airport. In this case one could exclude specific types of aircraft (like the Twin Otter or the ATR for example). I’m no programming wizard but maybe this could even save fps.
A possibility would also be to set percentages. To be able to say e.g. that 80% of the arriving airplanes are 736 and 10% BAE and 10% Cessna aircraft.


Maybe you can ban certain aircraft, but I can’t see any reasonable way to set ratios for arriving aircraft. You will be offered contracts by aircraft so maybe you could renegotiate to say they can’t bring certain aircraft but it would be really complicated if you set a ratio for the number of each type of aircraft but then didn’t have any contracts that could fulfil it.

I’m not entirely sure why you would want this feature either? Maybe to ban bigger or smaller aircraft that take too long to turn round or something, but the setting ratio thing. How would you expect it to work within the “lore” of the game?


You will be able to do this by simply rejecting contracts with aircrafts you don’t want, there is no need to have a specific tool to do this.


Why would you want to do this? An airport will take the contracts it has available to it, and the airline generally decides what aircraft it will fly. Whilst there are restrictions (infrastructure provides a physical constraint, and legislation can provide legal restraint), I cannot think of a situation wherein an airport would arbitrarily decide to exclude certain aircraft.

Airports in the position to refuse small aircraft are few and far between - those that can refuse small aircraft generally don’t have to because they are popular destinations that warrant bigger planes.


Airports may refuse certain types of plains due to approach speeds maybe. For an airport like Heathrow, operating at close to 100% efficiency, they may not want a slow prop plane approaching, because it will reduce the number of arrivals/departures an hour. Saying that, Heathrow have recently allowed Flybe to operate out of Heathrow using the Dash-8s, so maybe my theory is wrong