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no like a actual fire academy that can rent out space ill post a picture soon


I’m really in favor of these franchises, simply third party companies which have a space (hangar, building, store, …) and may or may not affect your airport operations. I don’t know about coding, but it would be nice to have catering companies, flight schools, maintenance hangars, private/airline hangars, airline headquarters, services, government affairs, there are lots of possibilities (of course in my imagination, I don’t know about the technical possibilities :joy:). You could just offer the peace of land and they build it, or you could build it and rent it later, each having different focuses, like small schools would prefer an already built hangar, while airlines would prefer to build their own.


a film crew wanting to use your airport for a documentary


You are into an interesting and important discussion here regarding how the airline and franchise contracts will work. This is something we have been thinking a lot on and are working on right now actually. The business aspects are critical and will require a lot of tuning and polishing. There is a lot to explain how it will work so for everyone’s best I would like to give a more detail explanation with some images in the next DevLog. :airplane:


I totally understand all your replies. I came up with the idea due to realism reasons. My first airport will probably be Hannover Airport. Here I really have never seen any Twin Otter planes, especially in passenger service. In fact, I think the Twin Otter hardly flies passenger routes anywhere in Europe (more on the Maldives, Seychelles, Nepal, etc.). Therefore I would like it more if I could for example exclude this specific aircraft type for my airport.


A few Twotters certainly dot around the islands in a Scotland. That’s where they work the best - very thin routes. I think their lack of use in main airports relates more to demand - if you’re flying to a big city you are going to expect a high demand and will need a larger plane. But I doubt any airport would ever refuse a Twotter without a good operational reason - at the end of the day they still bring passengers through the doors.


Will you contact some big and famous franchisees and take their permission to use their name in game??


I wouldn’t expect that… :stuck_out_tongue:


No no no. That could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. No way we will spend our money on that.


No problem :joy: I forgot it costs money.


It would be a marketing oppertunity for that compnay, so if I was a airline CEO i would like to be included in this game. But thats the vision of a 14-years old


The don’t want to risk the product being associated with the game rather than the actual product (even though it seems silly from our perspective), also why take a marketing opportunity when you can take a marketing opportunity and money! :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry, as soon as modders get the chance you will see real airlines, contracts, and franchises modded.


Will the game even be modded? :slight_smile:





Yes, I have heard that far down the road the game could be modded


With enough effort the game can be modified as soon as it’s released, The first mods will probably be model changes of the aircraft, maybe literally substituting game resources, following this people will probably work out how to delve into the game and make additional game resources. At some point modding support will probably be created and it’ll become easier for anybody to get into modding the game.


Right now the airplanes taxi into the gate without guidance. It would be nice if there was someone on the ground guiding the airplane or one of those signs most large airports have. :slight_smile:


I believe that is already in the game. Usually they disable certain objects when making .gifs or videos, usually you never see baggage trains for instance, but they exist and do appear in a photo or 2.


I hope the idea that I have hasn’t been mentioned before. I used the search function, so if it has been mentioned before I must have searched for the wrong word.
Anyway, I think it would be really great if not every plane that arrives just stays on the ground for only 1-3 hours. I would really enjoy if some airliners for example would stay parked at the gate over night or if you could have the possibility to tow them to a remote stand.
It would also be cool if planes could also be stored at your airport for a couple of days.

Oh, and what also would be cool are training flights where some airlines use your airport to perform touch-and-go landings.