MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


All asked, night one is implemented iirc. At least for GA.

As they don’t have remote stands yet I don’t think the towing thing is in, and I think commercial airlines still go after a few hours. GA aircraft might stay overnight occasionally which suggests the code is there to be moved to Airlines if/when it’s a worthwhile addition.


Haneda international airport has A large stand area with hangers


Police dogs to sniff out bombs Also a designation for international airport so they would have to change the lines priority lanes and things like that for different airlines


Just a minor detail that I noticed/had a suggestion for.

Although the awkward motions of the buses has already been mentioned and the devs have discussed that they are going to apply the airplane systems to the cars/buses before release to make things better, the thing I noticed is that the devs had created a nice circular drive the buses didn’t use. Is there a way to make the road one-way only to force the buses to travel around the circle instead of shortcutting by taking a u-turn? This is very common at airports for both drop-offs and pick-ups, to have one way roads.

You can see the circle in screenshot from the second video.

I am somewhat new here to the forums, and I searched, and didn’t see this addressed elsewhere. If I am wrong, please accept my apology and point me in the right direction.


Yes, the motion smoothing is in our backlog. Just a matter of finding time to start working on it. Remember we have 4 complex path systems to work with (baggage, passengers, vehicle and aircraft) with aircraft and passenger being the most important right now. Time is (as always) the enemy here. One way roads and advance traffic rules has not been looked at yet, again due to time.

When it comes to the circle it creates a logical problem, vehicle use A-star to find the nearest route to their destination. The nearest route is not to go around the full circle. So that is the reason they make the U-turn. Somehow we have to force them to “not go backwards” but we can exclude that option as the player might design a road system were that is the only valid option.


I don’t know wether or not this has already been suggested - I apologize if that’s the case.

But, I would like to see the ability to choose which ‘route’ the aircrafts should take via the taxiways from and to the runway. Normally it’s the ATC that chooses that of course, but in case you want to build a bit complicated taxiway system I think it’s best if you can then customize which taxiways aircrafts from let’s say stand B 11 should take to get out to the runway.

Another one is that the taxiways has names like in real life. A, B, C, D, E etc… Would be nice if you could name them yourself but it can also just be randomized by the game itself.

This was written a bit fast because of life… So feel free to just ask if there’s something you need to get explained a bit better.


Yes, that sounds really cool. Will take a few weeks so not priority now. :slight_smile:


How’s that never ending list coming along? Might need to check it for duplicates because I think you’ve agreed to this twice now :stuck_out_tongue:


Make the detail pane (object panel? the popup that opens when you click on an object) not move with the object. For example, when a luggage bag is on a conveyor belt, don’t make the tag move across the screen. The same thing could go for employee tags. It makes it slightly hard to read sometimes. Perhaps just add an option to keep them still and be able to drag them around the screen or something.


Or a follow button on the tag.


I also would like if you could chose what runways are used for landing only and which ones for takeoff (once multiple runways are implemented of course). For example at Frankfurt Airport runway 07L/25R is used mostly for landings while runway 18 is used only for takeoffs.


What about cross walks door one Lane roads?


On small thing that I think I would like changes can be seen on this screenshot from the last DevLog http://airportceo.com/wp-content/uploads/2.png . Here you can see that the parking spaces of the ATC-Tower and the Fuel Depot are on gras. I think it would be more realistic if they were paved surfaces as well.


Yes, the idea was that the fuel depot and ATC tower were suppose to be “small” meaning you would only have them when running a small grass field. Once your airport would grow you could replace them with larger structure (on tarmac), but we have not had the time to add those larger structures yet so it might make more sense to make them paved for now as you are saying. Will consider it.


Why not allow us to just plop down some pavement where we want? That way we can decide for ourselves if things like that parking space is on grass or pavement. Perhaps i don’t want any grass…anywhere :slight_smile:


I also had the idea that one could be able to chose (at the beginning of a save) whether or not your airport is allowed to take flights at night. If the airport is closed from lets say 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. it could make runway maintenance a lot easier than with a still active runway. For example in Germany there are only a few airports that are open for arriving flights at night (Hannover, Leipzig, Cologne). The big airports like Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf are closed for arriving flights from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.


Or have 2 runways alternate. Have 1 runway open while the other is closed for maintenance.


Yeah, thats also possible of course. I just ment the idea that keeping an airport on good maintenance in the terminal and on the tarmac and runway is sometimes maybe easier if no planes come in at certain hours. But it would be good if one could chose.


Make the arrival aircrafts taxi on the taxi way closest to the runway and the departing aircraft taxi on the ones closest to the terminal.
Feels like this has already been suggested, it I’m too lazy to check.


And if you have only 1 taxiway?