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Then they only use one, but WHEN there is two, that’s when it will apply


A better suggestion would be one way taxiway. Or a taxiway direction system through which we can assign a flow system for airport. Somewhat similar to assigning bus routes in City Skyline.


it’s all theoretical talk anyways, since it all depends on the layout. 1 taxiway could be good enough, since aircraft taking off do so on the other side of where aircraft land, so they all go in the same direction on the taxi way.


I think it would be nice to have wet taxiways, plane stands and runways, with some puddles. just a idea :slight_smile:


I just had some nice ideas. Why we also don’t construct airport’s natural gas (for kitchens or even for airport’s boiler room), clean water, sewage, electricity and even phone network? For example if you labeled a room as “bathroom”, it must have a water and sewage connection to outside of airport, like city’s pipe network or something. There was a game about building a skycrape (forgot its name) and you must build these networks in order to get monthly rents from customers.


Project Highrise? I think a water system etc could improve the game if water shortages effect the functionality of bathrooms or even restaurants and cafes that need water. Electricity would effect the check in process and the baggage belts.
But I’m not sure if its necessary to manage the placement of pipes or cables


I’m on the fence here. Having to put down at least the main pipes / wires for services (and having anything needing that automatically connect if within a certain distance) like i.e. Prison Architect etc, would add only a little bit of micro, while bringing that facet to life.

Then again, i don’t see this as a priority. Maybe a nice little services dlc.


That is because the Dash-8 Q-400 aircraft is a relatively fast regional aircraft.


I don’t think this has been talked about in this thread yet, but will there be tugs in the game?
Tugs are a vital piece of equipment on the Tarmac. They push aircraft from their gate on to the taxiway from the terminal. I haven’t seen these machines in the development of the game yet, and it made me wonder if this key ramp machine will be included in the game or not.


Yes and no. It is planned but not initiated. The push back is for now without a tug.


for the purpose of making it either to program, you might want to consider to use a towbarless push back truck. Just lift up the aircraft and push.
of course, once implementation comes around, the question must be answered to what detail the pushback is being simulated, as for most aircraft types, a hydraulic bypass pin must be inserted and later be removed and either the driver of the pushback truck or a second person must perform a check of the outside of the fuesalage as well as the ground around the aircraft. only then will be plane be pushed.
once on the taxiway, the towing equiptment and the bypass pin must be removed from the aircraft.

I do, however, believe, a nice blinking towbarless pushback truck sometime after initial release would be nice and enough.


I like the idea of management of ideally at least I would like to manage the power aspect of it. Certain areas will require more power than others and I think having the infrastructure in place to manage that would be interesting and prove as another challenge.


how awesome would it be when a new airline or aircraft comes to your airport and gets a water salute? I think it is really cool.
And what do you guys think of the idea that it depends where your airport is which airline wants come to your airport? That would be really cool and very realistic in my opinion.


I have to say, I LOVE the idea of a water salute! :heart_eyes:
I think that including all aspects of the runway would make it amazing:
Basically, the more realistic, the better!


Have the ability for airlines to beat up passengers… united airlines style.


I just re-watched second gameplay video. (because waiting release is becoming more and more painful :frowning: ) and I had a crazy idea. You know that when aviation fuel supplier brings fuel, it uses its own truck (in video, it was yellow) and when airport delivers fuel from fuel depot to airplane, it uses white truck. So my idea is; what about vehicles have its owner company’s logo on them? Airport owned vehicles will have airport’s logo, and contractor owned vehicles will have contractor’s logo.

Flightless Vehicle Liveries

I know it has been a while that this topic was discussed. But I see purchased vehicles, is leasing not included? Because I think it might be more common.

Sorry if someone already asked, could not find it.


I moved your post to the appropriate thread for making small suggestions :slight_smile:
It IS a good suggestion btw, giving the player the option to try expensive vehicles or seasonal vehicles for a lower up front cost


One of the large things that I want to see in the game in taxiway and road corners are curves instead of 90 degree angles. I’m not sure if this is on the back of their list for polishing or not, but this thing alone sticks out like a sore thumb to me.


One of the large things that I want to see in the game in taxiway and road corners are curves instead of 90 degree angles. I’m not sure if this is on the back of their list for polishing or not, but this thing alone sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

I actually lke 90 degree curves because it is what makes ACEO unique. But in the future maybe building 45 degree will be possible.