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I have an idea about the research part. As the airport grows, it will need upgrades and technology to cope with increased frequency and scale of flights. These upgrades could be achieved via research as a consultant hired or a special contract that will evaluate your airport and assess how to incorporate the new infrastructure. Let’s say, the weather station isn’t available at the very begining, so you have to hire this consultant to research how to have safer operations in less than optimal weather, he does his job and sends a report with the weather station technology, so then it becomes available for you to build. Maybe this doesn’t apply to all upgrades but I think it’s a good starting point.


New to the forum so my apologies if this has been discussed already.

  • Multi-level airports? Top level for drop offs and bottom for picks up and vice versa
  • Multiple concourses!! (Denver International and Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International airports are just two good examples of this) with a type of underground metro system connecting them?
  • Multiple ways of bringing people to the airport? Roads already in the base game obviously, what about trains? Central train station outside of the airport?


Multi-level airports? Top level for drop offs and bottom for picks up and vice versa

Devs said there will be multi levels in future.

Multiple concourses!!

Devs said there will be multiple concourses and remote stands in future.

Multiple ways of bringing people to the airport?

Devs said there will be more public and private transportation methods in future.

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I feel that we should be able to choose light coloring for plane stands cause some there lit with normal lights but for some there lit up with orange lights lets compare

brown then lets do normal type lighbulbs i feel this could be a really cool feature


The colour of lighting is merely the consequence of lighting technology.

Orange lighting is produced namely by sodium-vapour, while white lighting is produced by LED.

For most purposes, LED is preferable because it is more energy efficient and has a long life compared to sodium-vapour lamps. It also provides superior illumination and a more faithful colour rendition. However white LED lighting is detrimental to the human biocircadian rhythm and disrupts sleep.

For an airport application, LED lighting should be the preferred lighting technology and hence the white lighting. I don’t see the gameplay benefit to adding sodium-vapour lamps unfortunately…


I hope it wouldn’t be too hard to add a color selector to light sources. That way the player can decide for himself. A bit the same as the color picker /saver for objects :slight_smile:


I just saw that the weather in the devlog is celsius, can you change that to fahrenheit? Is there a button?


You and your archaic units!


Pardon me if this has been suggested elsewhere but my search didn’t bring this up.

It would be neat to have actual construction vehicles to accompany contractors for larger projects. Example when laying concete for sidewalks, taxiways, and runways have a cement truck show up, and for paving after it’s been laid maybe a steamroller. Bigger structures like fuel depot and hangars could have loaders or other vehicles, and of course bulldozers for many things.

This is a VERY minor suggestion, and should be very low on the list if deemed a neat addition. I know this isn’t a construction sim, and maybe these only show up for expansions which perhaps could also take a lot longer to build. Say construction is fast before you open your airport for the first time, then any major adds take a lot longer and are also more expensive. Could add a layer of challenge as well.


I think that deserves its own thread.


I actually lke 90 degree curves because it is what makes ACEO unique. But in the future maybe
building 45 degree will be possible.

SimAirport has 90 degree curves. I was more of saying that they could keep the current grid system, but on corners it looks odd how sharp the corners are. I was just thinking it could auto-convert to a rounded corner like how it can detect that it’s at a junction.


By 45 degrees I was thinking something like this:

(Simcity 4 Rush Hour with Airport and Airplanes pack)


I wasn’t even talking about constructing taxiways at 45 degrees. I was talking about corners, being defined as, “a place or angle where two or more sides or edges meet.” I don’t see what’s so hard to understand here. I just want rounded corners.


I love the new taxi way system. But it might be hit and miss trying to space the taxi way routes so planes don’t clip a aircraft in a stand or on another taxi route. I was wondering if you could add guides, lines that show the outer edge of wings. Maybe use the same width as the stands, eh small plane, medium and large widebody. The lines would show as you draw taxi ways and would also show when drawing for existing taxi ways. This would make it easy to design an airport for different size aircraft.

As we know small stands are 5 wide and large 10 wide, then small taxiway need 2 each side of taxi line for clearance and large 4. We don’t k ow widebody yet as the aircraft or stands are not in the game.


I agree, guidelines would be helpfull when placing your taxiway nodes :slight_smile:


Something like the last part of the post linked below? :grinning:


How about upgraded gate seating. In KCI they have recliner style chairs with charging ports as well as the normal crappy benches. Maybe it adds a bit of comfort and satisfaction for pax, but costs more to buy and upkeep.


Maybe we could have the massage chairs that charge people a few pounds (other currencies available) for a massage experience. They’d boost satisfaction amongst those who use them and be a source of revenue to boot.


Yeah, as a sort of shop


The toilet object in bathrooms should include the walls of the stall so that people don’t have to watch each other do their business :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be a thoroughly innovative development as I think ever other game forces people to watch others :wink:

Urinals, sinks and hand driers can of course be open though