MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


I think you better watch the gameplay videos again. :wink:





Obviously need to release more videos/images/games to remind me :wink:


I do not believe someone has said this already, but if someone has, my bad.

Anyways, what if there were remote stands and airlines could pay to have their aircraft stored overnight? That would add some realism.


Been said a lot, answer is “maybe in the future”.


A compare button to quickly see the difference between two people (Motorsport Manager does it well). That way you don’t have to flick between people which is a nice UI usability improvement from the user side.


MICROWAVES! :smile: You know, so that the staff can heat their food and keep them happy

I should get “Achievement: Requesting the least important feature for ACEO” :smile:


Very minor indeed. :wink: Still, not as minor as some of the other things here! :grin:


But… if you add microwaves…that should influence your employees’ health… making them slower…
So the employee can either walk to the fruitbar and be away from his post longer, or use the microwave, but become slower…

sounds like a nice feature :slight_smile:


What about lost and Found Office?


Could be a good source of revenue for your airport (I speak from bitter experience :rage:)


This lost and found idea would be great! When a bag is not picked up within a certain time limit by a passenger, it is picked up instead by a L&F employee and taken to a deposit, where it is stored.
I don’t think it’d be too complicated for the devs to code…


Here’s one thing though if a bag is left unattended it’s confinscated and searched


Bags that aren’t picked up from the bagage belt aren’t screened but just taken to the L&F office. Unattended bags in the terminal are a bigger concern and are screened if it’s deemed necessary by the police or airport inspection.

Sometimes the area needs to be evacuated because the person was acting suspicious and that can cause some serious issues depending on the zone. Needless to say that we prefer not interrupting passenger flow!


I never said left on the security belt I said unattended most times its not left on the conveyer belt


As we we’re talking about Lost and Found I thought you meant that. We get lugage that has been routed wrong weekly so it’s not that uncommon for bags to be left on the belt.


I think it’d be hard to code a confiscate and search sequence :frowning:


They don’t get searched, that’s too dangerous. I think they just get destroyed.


Airlines could also have a Delayed or Damaged Baggage Office. Having one would improve customer satisfaction.


That depends…the use of an explosive sniffer dog or ETD could be a preliminary step before anything, whether that be to search or to destroy.