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Probably depends on the airport/county/country to be honest


Yeah. Each country perceives and responds differently to the risks presented. Searching or destroying unattended baggage means that it will be manipulated, and that in itself can trigger a detonation. Dogs are a means to detect explosives without first manipulating baggage. Same with ETD when done properly, but dogs are much more mobile and response-ready than portable ETD machines.

In that sense, I think dogs should be included in security patrols and contraband interdiction. Dogs can be trained to a specialization and assigned to a handler who is under the security staff roster or the customs staff roster.


Hello everyone! I’m not sure if this has been suggested before but my search turned up nothing…

Do you think that it would be possible to have, as in real life patting down at security performed by a security officer of the same gender as the person being searched…

Oh and congrats frederik :wink:


Is there radio chatter that is relevant to the departures and arrivals etc. at the airport, if there isn’t it would be nice if we were able to hear it because it would make the game more atmospheric.


Atmospheric sounds have been discussed. It’s all situational, which means you will only hear sounds like that if you are zoomed in at the right location.
I can imagine though that sounds like that will be added to later on


It would be nice if you could designate the bathrooms to Male/Female/Unisex/Disabled. :slightly_smiling_face: :flight_departure:


It would be nice if you could designate the bathrooms to Male/Female/Unisex/Disabled. :slightly_smiling_face: :flight_departure:

You can decide whether bathroom is for male or female. Also you can open or close it to passengers if you have to do reconstruction.

But Unisex… Weeeelll… Society is not ready for it :wink:


I beleive this was mentioned before as already complete so you can have male or female bathrooms, or unisex. Since there are no disabled people in the game that aspect isn’t needed.


Nice to know :slight_smile:


If they did add disabled it could mean that you have to put in infrastructure for it E.g. Lifts and may take longer then linking into this topic: Passenger Behavour


Maybe society is only not ready for it due to you not being ready for it :wink:

I’ve used Unisex/Non-gendered toilets before, mostly in student unions though. Contentious Issue though :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, this might be just me, but I realize there’s no “escalators” in-game …


That’s because there is only one floor. When multiple floors will be added later on, I assume the escalator will also be there.


I think I miswrote my intention. What I meant was more of a moving walkway.


I think I miswrote my intention. What I meant was more of a moving walkway.

Search function is really useful you know? :slight_smile:

EDIT: @Fredrik @Olof we discussed it on discord but do you guys remove moving walkways from game?


It bothers me that my idea about research & upgrades wasn’t adressed in any way. I’d like to know if it was already posted by someone else or if it’s possible at all


There has already been a thread about research.


Upgrades are in since devlog 62. Research is not there i believe, Since they don’t want to do historic stuff (because it would cost too much time). Does this answer your question? :slight_smile:


it’s not about historic stuff, it’s about upgrading according to scale of airport, resources and tech already available today but trying to integrate it into the game in some way. I wasn’t here for devlog 62, sorry if research was considered there. BTW, thanks for taking the time to answer


Sadly I don’t use Twitter, so I won’t know anything.

But interesting though, we’ve never seen moving walkway in any of the vids.