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Not sure if this was mentioned or already implemented, but I had an idea on the contractors. You could have a build speed and % possibility of over budget and/or build time.

As an example, Company 1 has a speed of slow but a 0.1% chance of being over budget or project completion time. Company 2 has a medium speed, and a 1% chance of over budget or extended project time. Etcetera, etcetera.

Obviously cost of contract would play into these stats. You could maybe expand the idea to a quality of work type thing. I know more features means less cpu for the airport simulation, so I’d rather have the airport function better if this idea took too much code/cpu to implement.


I don’t think coding is the issue here. Adding a random modifier is no problem. I’m just not sure it will be fun :slight_smile:


Not a random modifier, but a chosen one.

Better company, more cost but faster build time, and more accurate budgetting
Lower company, cheaper but slower build time and more chance of going over budget.

To extend the idea further, maybe even have company specialisations. For example a general all around contractor can build anything and everything at a reasonable price.
Maybe if you hire an interior specialists, you can build walls, seating, offices, etc for a lower price per object (say 10% cheaper than a general company <-- theres the modifier), but outdoor stuff like stands, service roads, taxiways, etc would be more expensive. Vice versa for a company that specialises in runway and taxiway construction.
And the bigger the company, maybe the cheaper their specialised objects become (because they are so damn good at what they do) and the more expensive other objects become.

So after general construction is completed, you could hire contractors based on the type of expansion you are planning.


Waste management:

This is briefly suggested in Airline meals, janitors, garbage disposal

Here I would like to see that we have some form of waste management presented to the player. In the broadest sense, we have general garbage, recyclables, organic waste, and unique to the airport, international waste.

Let’s deal with the simple stuff first…

  1. At any place where there is a garbage bin, there should also be a separate bin for recyclables as an endorsement to the airport’s recycling program (if it has one)
  2. At any place where food is expected to be wasted e.g. cafes, restaurants, food fairs… there should also be a bin or manned workstation to allow organic waste to be sorted.

This waste will end up at some local ‘behind-the-scenes’ waste station where the waste is collected and prepared for delivery. These can be both indoors and outdoors. As your airport grows, there will be a need to build and allocate space for several local waste stations to facilitate the janitor’s ability to collect and dispose of waste. You wouldn’t want your janitor to waste precious working hours moving a bin of garbage from one end of the airport to the other end because of poorly placed waste stations. The means to collect and prepare might be a bin loader and compactor; multiple needed since there are different types of waste. Finally, the collected and prepared waste will need to be delivered off-site for downstream processing (landfill, incineration, composting, melting, etc.)

Now for international waste…
International waste is special because it presents the risk of introducing invasive plant/insect species or non-endemic pathogens when not properly processed. Waste collected from an arriving international flight will need to be directed to specially designated containers for further processing. It is essential that international waste not mix with domestic waste as discussed above. Processing could be as simple as compaction and direct delivery to an off-site incinerator, or in situ incineration within airport jurisdiction.

Garbage Operation System (GOS)

Odd sized luggage :baggage_claim: If odd luggage is implemented here are some ideas
Needs a special check in desk (see pic. size in squares 3x5 with start of queue), special baggage belt (two square wide instead of one) and special x ray (only difference is that the belt is one square wider).
Could be a requirement for routes to skiing locations.

   @Andrei2004  Cleaning Companies <img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/2/2b8ea106a0e335667c175f7c06c3e77ca1261709.JPG" width="275" height="183"> :smiley:

  • Gender specific toilets as well as disabled passengers and toilets
  • Airport elderly / disabled passenger support staff and vehicles
  • security gates with ticket autoscanner + separate passport control booths etc
  • “follow me” taxi vehicle for plane traffic (if traffic requests it (random))
  • multistory parking garages
  • multistory terminals
  • hotel building spots, mark spots outside airport area for hotels to build on, can be managed via hotel contract interface?
  • add underground public connections, e.g. subway / monorail to connect to either public transportation or connect multiple terminals to each other


Hey there megachill, welcome to the forums. These are all great suggestions. I believe most have been discussed, so take a look around :slight_smile:


Has probably been up already but would be neat if some passengers could miss their flights for different reasons so that they have to book another flight. Which brings me to another thought, ticketing offices?


I’d like to see the option for a Ticket Desk, where passengers who don’t have a ticket can go to a desk and purchase a ticket before checking in. Something which would give more realism to the game.


Does anyone do this nowadays? You usually have to remortgage your house to afford a walk-up air fare.


I’d like to see the option for a Ticket Desk, where passengers who don’t have a ticket can go to a desk and purchase a ticket before checking in. Something which would give more realism to the game.

Has probably been up already but would be neat if some passengers could miss their flights for different reasons so that they have to book another flight. Which brings me to another thought, ticketing offices?

Actually a Ticket Desk would be really good.


@Olof Whats the chances of Ticket Desks being implemented possibly in the future? It’s one of the main desks you’d see at an airport?

Also Self Service Kiosks?


Yeah, likes of Gatwick and other UK airports still have Ticket Desks spread around the check in area. Does cost a lot last min tho, but this could work well if these passengers are simulated as this could then affect their behaviour and view.


But do they routinely sell tickets? I doubt they really ever do. Most of the desks are now utilised by the handling agent for the airline, and I suspect they spend more time dealing with offloaded pax, missed flights, name changes and other general whinging rather than actually selling a ticket. In fact, I’m pretty sure most of the budget airlines will point blank refuse to take your money and direct you to their website.


Well all those roles are usually fulfilled by either service desks (which could be a good addition) or at the gate counter. But you’re right in that there are fewer and fewer actual ticket deals around these days.


I don’t think the engines should be on while standing at the gates either way. I’m not totally down with how airplanes work but isn’t there something called “AUX” or something like that that keeps the aircraft powered while on ground. It’s usually like a small engine at the “back tip” of the aircraft.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but there shouldn’t be much engine noise from the start right?


The Auxillery Power Unit is a noisy little bugger so sometimes for noise abatement it’s not used. Most major airlines at major airports prefer to use Ground Power Units and Air Start Units to get one engine going before doing the other on push, which saves on maintenance for the aircraft. Smaller airlines or those are remote airports are likely to turn the APU on before push and then the engines on during the pushback. The APU is essentially a mini jet engine so it’s still quite loud, though often whinier than the normal engines.


I think that there should be an option to pave grass stands, runways, taxiways, etc. It would make it a lot simpler if you wanted to convert a runway and it’s taxiways to paved for larger airplanes


A user in discord the other day mentioned this idea and I thought i would share.

Could be nice to have different building materials, either region based or just in general. This could not only be astetic but could determine the cost of structures and maybe reduce upkeep, or have a factor in speed of objects that cross it. Perhaps a higher grade of material will deteriorate slower but have a larger upfront cost.

He also mentioned an airport in Africa has sandstone buildings and sand for the stands. Could be a neat featute.