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Alongside region specific material availability/pricing given how hard it is to get certain materials to your airport.

Though i’m not so sure it adds much gameplay value to limit the materials which is akin to removing features for the sake of removing features, maybe change the prices though. Different game every time.


Perhaps the region specific could only be astetic, if it was a premium material each region would have their own. Maybe the other region materials also available for extra cost with it just being astetic. That way you can always get the better material, but if you want a certain one either build in a certain region or pay a bit more.


Does that mean regions at risk of earthquakes need to also be constructed in a way to be earthquake-proof? And thus more costly in the construction of any structure


Hi everyone, my search didnt turn up anything but if this was aready proposed, excuse me…

While looking at pictures, videos etc… i kind of feel that the taxiway centre lines at intersections and turns make a very sharp turn
(Look at the interchange in the bottom right)
Compared to (look at the taxiway interchanges)
(Ignore the circles they were already on the picture)

Please tell me if you agree with thus or if it is just me nitpicking… :wink:
Thank you,


Hi there and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
You are correct, the corners are sharp. Nitpicking is fine. It means the game gets more realistic:)

Some ideas I thought of!

100 posts created!

Whoops, I mean I agree, that we should have achievements or milestones in the game. Possibly tied in with the Steam achievements feature.


When ramp agents are angry/stressed, they don’t treat luggage well when loading/unloading which can in turn make passengers displeased.


My list of things (some more major than others)

Baggage loading belt (to speed up loading of big planes)
Catering, human waste disposal unit and other ramp service vehicles
Hotels (rented from you, contracted, similar to how shops work
More aircraft, boeings, airbus, pipers, cessnas all of em
Military aircraft


I have a minor suggestion. It doesn’t have huge impact at the moment but when ACEO supports modding, it will be a necessity.

The possibility of listing contractors line by line instead of box by box.

This is current situation:

Think as contracts are lined like this, even maybe just 1 line with necessary info

The reason of it is; when ACEOMM is released in future, there will be at least 100 companies for each business type (At least 500 Airlines) user can select and It would take time for players to find correct contract.


While a list would be nice it can be worth mentioning that you will only have a few contracts at a time. :wink:


Just a search bar would be really helpful

Multiple-idea thread

inb4 the “Unofficial Mod Manager” comes online.

With 1000 business so far and counting up … @BobbyRobert suggestion is good.

Hmm, one minor suggestion that I haven’t seen, is maybe having the need for temperature control? So there’s an actual consequence of building an airport without any heating units in the middle of Antarctica, or building an airport without cooling units in the Middle East.

It’s already suggested with regards to windows above, so I was thinking of extending it a little further.


Nice suggestions :slight_smile:

Having the contracts show in a different way (perhaps more grid like) could help.
On the other hand i do hope that the developers will not show all companies that they can, but just do a selection of 5 or so companies per type, airlines excepted :slight_smile:
I do think this is something that might be addressed after release, since no one has played with that many companies before


Very much this, an airport does not get interest from say Star Alliance straight away, they will stay away from unknown ports and rather go play with the big boys, so showing all airlines / contractors at once would be very unrealistic in this case.

Also there is the point of where airlines like Ryanair will seek out exclusivity agreements with airports in order to secure foothold in a region so you couldn’t accept direct competition to them. A system like that would be nice, where the airline has demands and in return you’ll get their passengers, cause that is how it works in the real world too.


@Olof @Fredrik Congrats on the game release it’s fantastic. Not sure if this is the right place but is it possible to get an option to turn off edge scrolling in the next update as it’s a pain when trying to click on operations and something in the build tab and the map starts scrolling sideways. Would prefer to use the controls to move myself?!



  • Angled taxiways, just like in real life. It would be nice to have. Right now we can only have straight ones.
  • It needs a proper menu. I don’t like having to exit the game each time to change the resolution, etc.

Feature suggestions:

  • Ability to share your Airport via the Steam Workshop. I know that workshop is going to be supported for custom Airplanes, service trucks (maybe?), etc. But it would be nice to extend that workshop support and allow people to share their Airport creations and see what the community has built.


All of these are planned or have been talked about if you use the search feature.


Gotcha thanks :ok_hand:.

Searched and oddly enough this feature wasn’t mentioned.

Drag and drop people.

The true feature that makes a Tycoon game, a Tycoon game. :wink:


Would have to solve all the issues with pathfinding before you can do that :stuck_out_tongue:


It’d be nice to have a scroll bar for the “Airlines” Tab in the flight planner, and a class type filter for contracts.