MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


Would it be possible to have the camera move faster when the Shift key (or any key, really) is held down? I’ve seen a few games like OpenTTD do this, and it helps speed up the gameplay IMO. Very minor feature, but it would be nice, and hopefully not very complex.


Shift key while panning camera in ACEO actually slows it down :joy::joy:


I don’t know how I missed that… maybe Ctrl key then, haha


i did a small search and did not find this question, but i want to be able to place taxi-ways and roads on tarmac, so i dont need to remove the tarmac every time i forget that i cant place things on tarmac.


another one too, i have not searched for another like this but, i want to be able to choose what direction the starter road is coming from, that way we can make airports that are a bit more like real ones.


Like from the top instead of the bottom? Because you can then simply rotate the map with Q and E.

Connecting own roads to the outside world isn’t supported yet.


but if i want to have the correct compas heading?


Then the answer no,not yet.


Would be lovely if we can also automate hiring and firing of employees through HR Director.


Moving purchased objects.

If I buy a couch, install it, and want to move it do I have to destroy it and buy a new one?

Toilets, desks, plants, seating…


yes, remove and rebuy. The game doesn’t have the PA system yet of storing what you dismantled


My little suggestion: asphalt tarmac we only have concrete.


It would be nice to have a sorting machine that would look like the baggage scanner which would have more brain power then the tilt trays, this idea came along because I made a rather complicated baggage system and the tilt trays just couldn’t handle the pathfinding of the bags. It would be cool so send it into this machine, it would then create an optimum path to the baggage carousel for collection.


Welcome BravoRaptor, i see you made it :slight_smile:


Indeed I did!


This screen desperately needs a “Locate” button so that I don’t have to click on every plane to see which is the right one. I want to be able to see how close it is to finishing. If it’s close, I’ll delay it, if not, I won’t.


A quick way to rotate baggage belts (blue print and already built) and not have the game over ride it. I’m running into troubles where a belt gets to close and that inadvertently rotates a near by belt. Also being able to build overground belt over underground belt.

And one way public roads my bus system is a mess.


Suggestion for buses. Use the same engine as the baggage belt to define routes on roads for buses to follow.


I don’t know if it has been solved yet, but in the dashboard of the airport you can find “parked aircraft”, “landing aircraft”, etc. There is however a typo in landing aircraft missing the lettre “n”


Hey Dutchpilot, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
Thanks for this. Could you find the time to do a bug report with all that you find? It prevents the developers from having to search through different media to find all issues :slight_smile: