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Would love to have turn arrows on service roads so that fuel trucks and baggage trucks do not drive a long ways to turn around, or to enter their vehicle depot. They should be allowed to turn left from the right lane into their depot.


This post got a bit bigger than anticipated, so here’s the short version, then you can decide if you want to read on:

  • undo a building step
  • add shortcuts to tooltips
  • move “fast forward to next day” to the other speed buttons

Now on to the details and reasoning:

I also like the undo button that I know from other games when I’m in build mode. I sometimes misplace something or change my mind as soon as I placed it and it’s really annoying to switch to the bulldozer, remove it, switch back to whatever it was I wanted to build and select it again.

I’m notoriously bad with learning new shortcuts. It would be very helpful if the button tooltips would not only show a description, but also the shortcut. That window in the beginning of the game is easily forgotten again. Even if I printed it out, I probably wouldn’t bother to look the shortcut up each time. Seeing them more often would really help.

Could the “fast forward to next day” button please be placed next to the other buttons that control the game speed? In the beginning I was getting annoyed during the night that there was nothing beyond triple speed. After 2 (realtime) days or so, I finally found that button hiding on the bottom of the operations overview…

Edit: Removed the point about moving items. Sorry, I searched for “move”, so the search functionality didn’t find anything earlier. Now reading back a bit in this thread, I found it :wink:


I’m really missing edge scrolling (or right click to scroll, something that doesn’t make me use the keyboard to scroll). So I assume it was completely turned off now? Or did I miss a setting? I started with version 0.21.7…


In game you can go to gameplay settings and turn edge scrolling back on.
Notice: this is only in game, not in the main menu.


Great, thank you!


Or just refer to which stand it’s on, that might be easier?

“Flight CL171 on Stand 4 is running late…”


When you are in “Build-mode” and have an item selected (i.e. a flower or door), when you hit Ctrl on te keyboard, you’ll undo the placement and are ready to click on the right place.


I’d like to have a room for janitors where they have their cleaning supplies. This could be connected with an advanced garbage system, where janitors take the litter from the bins to a larger container where it get picked up by garbage trucks. They could be connected to a contract, but I don’t know, if that will flood the contract system.


Thank you!


So…some airports have named holding points like EGLL/LHR Heathrow’s NEVIS or DINGO, and I was thinking, could we at some point have the ability to rename these? It’d be a minor detail but it’d be better than “RUNWAY AHEAD” when holding points exist in other places than before runways and if they changed the AI to route via holding points to the runway it could help improve routing and reduce delays…

Link to a chart displaying all holding points Heathrow has from the official NATS page. (In red, all the black signs are runway holding points and don’t have the “runway ahead” thing before them as the lines crossing the taxiway in a ||:: pattern are a holding point)


Why not both? :smiley:


Would love gate seating of just 1 line so you can place against walls.


I’d like to have the possibility to skip the tutorial emails. They are getting a bit annoying.


Bird control and other maintenance vehicles would be nice.

Bagage carts for people with too much luggage to carry. Would require sraff to redistribute the carts between entrance and check in.

Train station, subway, taxi, bicycle stands even.
Parking garages and Hotel buildings.


Something that is very minor and not a priority now but tables for the restaurantes and cafés would be nice.


We have a lot of micromanagement in this game. It is good, but interface should allow us to do it much faster. Let’s begin with new button “locate” in this dialog box. Because currently you need to open flight schedule to find this plane, and then manually find a stand. I am sure that just a little percent of players renamed their stands and remember where they are.


You don’t have to do it, you know. Whenever I build my airport, I never even read the emails until after construction had begun.

On topic, I’d wish the jet bridge for medium stands is an upgrade, not the default option. That way you need to invest in boarding stairs first, and when your airport becomes big enough, you start moving to jet bridges and phase out the boarding stairs (or keep some in backup for emergencies)


Good idea, but then we first need the possibility to delete vehicles from the depot.
Maybe a possibility to first upgrade to single jet bridge and later on to double jet bridge for faster (de-)boarding.


I know, I only did the tutorial the first time. But I’m still getting those emails (I estimate I’m in my 5th or 6th game by now) and it’s annoying when I get notified there’s new emails all the time, I go there and then it’s just about the next tutorial step, so I just delete it. I don’t think it’s hard to fix and it is annoying.
But yes, it’s not really important right now and it’s minor, that’s why I posted it here…
Well, actually by now I just ignore emails alltogether, since they never tell me anything important, but this notification icon and the number there in the corner bug me anyway (please don’t ask me why :smile: )

I like your idea, too!


Hmmm I actually never see double jet bridge being used for that size of vehicles though, even in places like HKIA double bridges is only used for jumbo-jets.

Actually, to extend a little bit (since I forgot to add it), but I never seem to see ATR-72 use any jetbridge. I don’t know about the BAE, deHavilland and the Bombardier as well, but I suspect the jetbridge is also not needed. Which makes these planes perfect mainly for small contracts and medium contracts. I’d imagine Boeing and such would start appearing in medium contracts.

But agree, we need the ability to remove vehicles from depot.