MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


For a B737 and A320 a double jet bridge is indeed a bit overkill. But when we will get larger aircraft it may be a possibility. Aircraft like 767,777,A340,A350,747 could be handled that way. First with stairs, which is the slowest, and later on with single and then double jet bridges.


I would like a breakdown of the number of employees I have of each type. Also, I’d like some clue as to what is the minimum I require to operate.


Is it possible to reduce the width of the boarding desks to 4 small blocks? now it is 5 and can’t be placed symmetrical in front of the jet bridge. I know that this might be a bit of a to minor detail, but I always doubt how to place 1 boarding desk on a neat way in front of a jet bridge.


This paves the way to remote stands for medium aircraft as well. Airbridges do not work well without an attached building.

Would also be good for the ATR-72. Currently, passengers in the game are boarding the aircraft through the big door on the front. Which is currently where the baggage is stored. Passengers actually board the plane through the rear door.

(Not my photo)

I suspect most passengers would be rather disgruntled at having to crawl through the luggage bay to get to their seats.


This is maybe a bit silly, but I have a small usability suggestion:
When you quit the game, there’s this dialog “Do you want to save before you quit?” I like that there’s a dialog. However, I always save before quitting but end up pressing yes in that dialog anyway, because usually those dialogs ask you “Do you really want to quit?” I seem to do it wrong every time :rofl: I guess I’m just too used to this other way of asking. Maybe the dialog could ask “Do you want to quit without saving?”

Like I said, maybe that’s just me. It’s for sure nothing important, but it’s also easy to fix, so why not suggest it…


This one sctually has been mentioned, but its good to bring it up again


I ve done the smae thing…maybe there shoudl be an option to make it to just ask “do you really want to quit?” For people like us…


Maybe it should say; “Do you really need to quit, really?”


No: “Are you sure you are cleared for takeoff?” :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. I have a minor suggestion: Make the mainscreen faster. The effect with the rolling letters is nice, but the rotatiion makes the manu slow. The sound effect behind it isn’t really nice to listen to too… :slight_smile:


I’ve been on ATR thrice in my life, but I never thought that you were supposed to board from the back (mainly since I usually board almost very late all those times). But yeah, the main reason I brought that up was because of the ATRs, of which the size is making me doubt for the need for jet bridge.


Having never been on an ATR and only see pictures, I am use to the jet bridge connecting via the rear, usually the plane turns around to allow this.


I didn’t say anything about busses. I just said that a search bar to find contracts on the contract list would be helpf


Just a few more I suddenly thought of,

  1. Having a special toilet for the disabled (those who can’t walk? I’ve never been inside one)
  2. Having a diaper changing room (is this a thing over there?)
  3. Having a non-denominational prayer room


1.pretty much, they usually just have a rail on the wall to help those people
2. Where, in Sweeden?
3. They do that in airports?

  1. I haven’t seen it as a separate room yet, I know it as just an additional changing table in the women’s bathroom.
  2. I’ve seen that, too. In Frankfurt e.g. (never been in that room, I’ve only seen the signs)


What I just thought of, after sending my previous post:
2. Hm, actually there should also be an option for fathers, so a separate room totally makes sense.


Sorry if I repeat this, 437 posts to read and I don’t rmember if I’ve seen it.

  • What about receive flights that should have landed on other airports?

For example, you have everything looking nice in your Flight Planner but suddenly you receive a pop-up menu (for example) because a flight can’t land in Chicago and has to do so in your airport (let’s imagine for bad weather conditions in Chicago).

Then, your problem situation would be to find a empty stand or even re-schedule few flights to allow the Chicago flight to land.

I don’t know if I explained my idea really well. This is something quite usual where I work.


Google prayer room and airport, they show up in lots of international airports like HKIA, Changi, Ataturk, etc.

I’m also mostly certain that Muslim prayer rooms are also available in countries where the majority of the citizens are Muslims.

On the diaper changing room, I think I’ve seen that in eitber HKIA or Changi.


Yes, they do definitely have non-denominational prayer rooms in probably every airport I’ve ever been to.