MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


No offence but most games like this need time and effort


Map expansions.

Large sized gates. Maybe there can be contracts for planes like the B747 and A380

Tables should be added for food places!!!


Maybe to change which depot they’re in to get them closer to a specific baggage bay.


Link depots to stands and baggage bays.



  1. Please have the Jenitor role in a Staff rooms in 2 variantions, Active and Passive, I dont want them sitting around in staff rooms that are for other types of Staff, but they have to be cleaned.

  2. Predispatch Ramp Workers to stands.


What if the mssg just would give a planestand ID in the warning (you can name plane stands), then you dont have to search at all.


I would like filter options in the contract menu;

  1. contracts with 1 star, 2 stars, etc
  2. contracts with just small planes, mix ones, or just medium ones, etc
  3. (future) based on airliner.


Well, to minimize micro, just have it that we could set how many vehicles should be in this depot.


  1. Fuel Truck JetA1: 0 vehicles
  2. Fuel Truck Avgas: 2 vehicles
  3. Crafter Service Truck: 0 vehicles


I would like to suggest a new object: Queue ropes and stands


True so you can set a certain type of vehicle for a certain depot


I second this, just flew from Eindhoven and ists a medium stand 12 of them but none of them have a jet bridge. Everything is old school walking on open aperon (between fences) and then a staircar


“Stanchions” :wink:

  • Queue Management: Extreme Edition :wink::wink::wink::joy:


One older idea, writen in a other post. If you select Commercial, you have a second assign option for runways by plane type.

Mean: I have a small system (one arr/ one dep rw) for GA and Commercial, but only light planes. And a second system for the medium and later large planes.


I would like to have a breakdown of the number of employees, per employee type. I’ve noticed that sometimes I don’t have enough ramp agents, and then I need to count how many I already have in order to know how many to hire.


@BAz . I agree! I would love to have a tab with how many employees of each type I have hired.

I would also like to have control over how much per hour I pay for a certain job. The higher I go the higher qualified applicants I would get. The lower the price the less qualified.

last one - I would like to take a really promising Janitor and promote them to Airport Staff. They have a sufficient quality and the right personality for a better job. A good CEO recognizes talent no? :wink:


I think the door sprite should be on the edge of the square as opposed to in the middle. This would mean that the floor colour can be set either side of the door as opposed to how it is now where the floor colour continues into rooms for a bit. I think it would provide a clearer aesthetic.



Now that you mention it… YES!!!


I like the doors as they are, so unfortunately i have to disagree with this one, I like it as it is, maybe less rectangular.


Duty free


More/Different shops and food. Also the option of having the same stores in different areas. Last thing is to change the items in each store because a store does not have 15 shelves of newspapers.