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So yesterday while I was taking a hot shower a crazy idea just came into my mind. Now I am here to present it. My idea is about connection between terminal and remote stands PAX transportation methods which will eventually be added.

First thing first here is a basic airport design. As you can see there are 4 remote stands (without jetway of course), a boarding dest, terminal service roads which are already in game. More than them I added a special area called: Cobus drop/load area or a.k.a. Cobus stop. This can be set as bagggae claim area, it has to be in secure zone and it has to have connection with service road.

Scenario 1: Connecting remote stands to boarding desk

This is literally current situation on small stands. Passengers deboard from airplane via ladder truck and walk straight to boarding desk in terminal. They can walk on service roads. Same but reverse on boarding.

Here is a real life example from my country:

(if something happens to the link, here is alternative)

Scenario 2: Connecting remote stands to boarding desk or Cobus stop

This gives more chances of different types of designs. In this design player can choose which remote stands will be connected to boarding desk and which to Cobus stop. Maybe even fantasies can be done such as only specific gates will have Cobus suppor etc…

Scenario 3: Connecting remote stands to Cobus stop

All stands are connected to Cobus stop so there won’t be PAX walking around apron area.

So long to short, what my suggestion is the possibility of making a stand accessible via terminal or accessible via Cobus.


Remote stands
Remote Stands- Realism Vote for it to be implameted :) [selected for implementation]
Transportation of passengers to the plane

Idea: in addition to setting runway to arrival/depart and/or GA/commercial only: make it possible to set them to small/medium/large only or a mix of those.


I called my bus “Tarmac Bus” :stuck_out_tongue: Had to google what Cobus is.
Seems like there are many names for it


Roads with more than one lane going each direction.


I say that there needs to be an area where we can expand the playing map so that we can expand the size of our airports. Like a tab with the quadrants of land that can be purchased.


This system is already implemented in the game, you can see the tiles if you zoom fully out. But, at this moment it’s currently locked due to performance issues. If you think your system can handle this, than there is a possibility to unlock these tiles by editing the .json files. I don’t know how, didn’t look into that yet as my laptop is never gonna pull that off at this stage of the game. But a lot of people on this forum know how to do this like user EG0611 you could ask him if you are interested.


I say that there needs to be an area where we can expand the playing map so that we can expand the size of our airports. Like a tab with the quadrants of land that can be purchased.

There is a reason why these areas are not playable. Game engine, path finding are not ready for such a gameplay. You can unlock these areas by editing save files, just ask Google. But beware that it can break your save and even your game.


Thank you, both, but I don’t want to take the risk of breaking this amazing game. So I will wait until the game developers @Olof and @Fredrik and the other wonderful workers at apoapsisstudios.com can create something that works with expanding the playable areas of the map.


A in-game alarm clock would be nice.


A in-game alarm clock would be nice.

For what?


For setting alarms. Once in a while, i forget to set up contracts for the week or so, and loose a day of profit.


Just a minor idea to make the UI more smooth to operate when painting floors:
when choosing floor material, instead of having a pop-up only when you click the floor icon, the material pop-up menu could float on the general view until you leave the floor tool entirely. That way you can paint several floor areas without having to go back to the menu each time.

we could even extend this and all the options/variations of items/infrastructure/structure could float on the main screen until the tool deselected,
It might be just a personal preference, but I have a feeling that this could make it more easier to use: by having it float there you would always know what you have selected and you could then quickly switch variation and continue working with the same tool.

what do you think?


another minor UI tweak,
in the flight planner, adding continuous lines on the edges when placing a new flight in would help a little bit when organizing tight schedules…

(on this mock up its the green lines next to the new unconfirmed flight :slight_smile: )
after confirmation, no need to keep the lines…


I wanted to write this earlier, and I forgot:

Oversized baggage (golf clubs, surfing boards, etc.)


Self service check in desks… :slight_smile:


My minor detail idea is a gate :rofl:

I have put a fence around my control tower, but my workers couldn’t get out until I made a hole in the fence, so an outside gate to put between fence pieces would be great please :grin:


Yeah, constructors not locking themselves while building or building things in the wrong order so that the object get out of reach would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:


Runway naming suggestion: Runways in game will have 18 namings on them. 9 North-South and 9 East-West directions. Player can choose what will be the naming from runway menu so that player can buld parallel and realistic runways. It is like there are 18 different runways in game but player can choose which one to use.

I choose 9, because no one would place 10 parallel runways. That’s illogical.

East-West namings will be:

*>> 28L - 10R <<
*>> 28C - 10C <<
*>> 28R - 10L <<
*>> 27L - 09R <<
*>> 27C - 09C <<
*>> 27R - 09L <<
*>> 26L - 08R <<
*>> 26C - 08C <<
*>> 26R - 08L <<

North South namings are:

*>> 17L - 35R <<
*>> 17C - 35C <<
*>> 17R - 35L <<
*>> 18L - 36R <<
*>> 18C - 36C <<
*>> 18R - 36L <<
*>> 19L - 01R <<
*>> 19C - 01C <<
*>> 19R - 01L <<


Conveyor belt suggestion:

Beside the normal tilt trays, also a highspeed version to avoid bottle necks like this.


Conveyors Crossing Conveyor Belts

Did you consider to do a “split tilt” first and then “direction tilt” over 2 trays?