MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


I tried to split my mainline from Terminal on 2 scanning lines (on tilt tray: one left, one forward) to raise up my scanning speed. And behind the scanning lines I build a network with to destination trays.
But the split self is to slow …

This is my Setup.


Exactly, very nice.


Have fuel tanks attachable to other fuel tanks to allow narrower builds


Have fuel tanks attachable to other fuel tanks to allow narrower builds

I gotta say this is not a bad idea.


Tried to that so often.


How about restroom for dogs and cats. Because my local airport has one inside the building ours is near the ladies at the airside of the airport .


I would like to see that you can build a new gate without having to remove a perimeter road that you’ve already built around your terminal as the road is part of the gate anyway.

Also I have been finding the buses can get jammed up on road easily due to wanting to use the same stop when there are heaps of empty ones available.


Crossroads can take this shape automatically when they are built? It looks better. With this, vehicles don’t have to cut corners and cross to the next lane. They can turn smoothly.


I’m not sure if they are considered major/minor since a minor request may result in millions of lines of code. But I’m putting it here:

  • Linking security checkpoints to specific/multiple stands to improve traffic flow
  • Check in desks for same flight grouped together
  • Merging queues together (either at check in or security)
  • Pushback of planes to follow taxiway lines (this may have to be expanded to allow for pushback locations in 2 different directions)

That’s as far as I can think of.


Oh yes - overnight parking planes that can take off at 0600?


Would like to have the option to always have day light on so I can see what I am building.

And to eventually work towards having a 24 hours airport.


So SimAirport now has multiple floors… and it looks amazing! I can’t wait for it in ACEO so that I can fulfill my dream of making my airport layout as confusing as possible :joy:


I would like a cheap way to “cordon off” an area of my airport. I like the realism of building in realtime so I want to be able to block a part of the terminal where the construction is taking place. Today I use staff zones, but something like a wooden wall section with “staff only” doors would be cool.


Just lay a non connected stripe of secure zone between the to be build terminal and the functioning terminal, works wonders.


What i would like to see as a minor thing, is to select a savefile with doubleclicking it, so you wouldn’t need to click on Ok anymore. For both saving a file and loading a file.


Winter equipment ! @

LIke snow equipment to clear the stands and taxiways and runways


I think that something that would be nice to implement would be to be able to choose where on the starting tile the starting road could be placed.

Right now the road is on in the middle of the bottom of the tile. Maybe the player would be allowed to skew the road to the right or left and build their terminal in one small corner, thus making more space for the rest of the airfield.


I would love notifications regarding issues that resolved themselves shortly after appearing, such as employee pathing, to be removed so the notifications aren’t just a constant stream of irrelevant distractions.


The time-out time on warnings is to short if you ask me; so the system warning should be later in general.


Airlines Lounge or business room that works like a waiting room but passenger charge when enter it.