MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


This is a planned feature


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My suggestion is 50% slower in game time than current in game time…


Someone should make a summery with posts / ideas.

Random-volunteer-sector(forum.ID.membernane) @Rubble we need you. ;).


Happy to help if needed. Maybe an option to have it in a spreadsheet with categorised tabs for (G)UI, Items, Interior, Exterior, Vehicles, Passengers, Stands, etc like with the Mods overview.

This will also help @Olof and @Fredrik to pick what to develop and is easier to transport to Jira. Adding it directly in Jira is also an option, so the devs can groom and cherry pick from there. But don’t know if it is possible to give Jira access to selected people outside the company?


Which is the topic ‘features and where to find them’. Most newer ideas have already been mentioned :slight_smile:


I think PD said it best :heart_eyes:


Custom carpet and tile Colors… The color palette of an airport is a major part of its branding.


Copy tool…so you can create similar areas fast just coping an area that you build and place in another local (ex. gates areas)


Please implement auto-pause on defocus of the window. I just destroyed an hour of playing by forgetting to pause when I left.
After I spent half an hour just dismissing ‘old’ flights, I gave up.
Also, I’m not sure if I just don’t find it or if it is not a feature, but it would be cool, if flights can’t be delayed by too much time. They should just be cancelled, when e.g. the plane did not arrive ~12 hours after schedule.

Atleast the auto-pause should be not hard to implement (I guess)

Happy developing :slight_smile:

Edit: auto-pause should have a setting to control it, because many players probably don’t want it…


Yep, the setting would make it al-right, haha :slight_smile:


Tiny suggestions @Olof :

  1. Move object tool menu (don’t need to delete and then rebuy an object like chair, table etc).
  2. Copy object color tool menu (don’t need to right click an object one by one to change it’s color).


Ever had a flight delayed 27 hours? In real life I mean.


Nah, luckily not. But in real life all the other aircrafts would land regardless of whether your plane is delayed :wink:

If I could reschedule all other flights, it would be totally fine with me to have that big delays in game, but as long, as all the other planes just “dam” your schedule it is just annoying :confused:


What about put the jetbridge as an ugprade, up to now medium stand have it as default, but with the possibility of future remote stand, it will became useless to have one, also in single floor ground level terminal it will became an obstacle for truck and other ground vehicle.


Devs said that it will be implemented with remote stands


Maybe put some little smoke effect when the plane lands and uses thrust reverser when the runway was snowy/wet?



Light and Medium ( and in the future Heavy and Extra Heavy) taxi paths; so that my small planes can taxi close to objects that bigger planes have to stay further from so as not to hit. Light may use medium, but paths via light if possible, freeing up large taxiways for large airplanes.

In the future, [not part of my “tiny” suggestion] these could be used in a system that enforces not dragging wings through the terminal; or one that encourages/enforces sufficiently wide taxiway foundation.


What this will do is that it is like a room that will store baggage in it until the fight is ready to receive it and sends it into the baggage Delivery/Arrival (I forgot the right name). This is just to prevent the baggage stacking which I find odd and it clears up the area.


have a executive which would auto hire staff according to demand and needs. would save time and bit more realistic


I believe someone suggested that the HR Director have this option. Let’s hope it’s doable on the devs’ end. :slight_smile: