MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


Compass: So you know which way you are pointing and for when you expand your runway you know which way you are expanding your runway.

How much staff work: It would be nice to know how many hours each staff member is working so you can fire the lazy staff.

Blueprint tool: A blueprint or a copy tool would be great because I built a staffroom but I needed to move it. I would have to rebuild the staffroom again in the new spot. I think A copy tool or a blueprint tool would help with this.

Scam email There is no reason really to the scam email only to bug you. I think it should take money from you if hit a send money button just so it acutal affects you.


Have a box you can tick when you sign a contract with a restaurant or shop to use it more than once.

For example when you want a contract with a restaurant in secure zone and „normal“ zone.


I would even pay a fee for that.


I think we should be able to draw out own taxiways for example corners in real life are not as sharp as they are in game, so it would be cool to creat a big curve to make it more realistic.


I would like to see fountains for airport decoration. Minor, but eventually?


I would love it when we are able to split the airside shuttel bus into the normal bus stops for boardng, but only for the people who get boarded and seperated arrival bus stops, maybe like in Frankfurt or Amsterdam, some bus stops centralized at the arrival area (next to the baggage claim).
And it would be nice, if we can define different areas (Gates 1-4 = Area 1; Gate 5-8 = Area 2; … ) and a choice option for the deopts between everywhere or Area 1|X|, Area 2| |, Area 3 |x|, …


I think it would be nice if the airline contracts had the option to limit an airline to either small or medium stands.


Cyad plants! MORE CYAD PLANTS !!! We already have a 1 and 4 block variants, why not the 2 blocks (long)?


We already have a 1 and 4 block variants, why not the 2 blocks (long)?

There are already 2x1 blocks plants :smiley:


How about an AUTO reject feature in Applicants based on a filter? :slight_smile: That would save a lot of time :slight_smile:


I mean a Cyad 2 blocks variant, for symmetry


A slider to determine when actions should happen regarding passenger movement. I’m currently getting Pax being late for boarding because the distance from the boarding desk to the plane is too long with the given time frame. If we could have a slider to determine when a Pax should start boarding we could alter the time based on our designs.

Also maybe an option to determine when Pax go through security? Personally right after I check in, I will go through security and wait there but Pax in ACEO seem to stay on landside for quite some time.


Would like to see a 3-block wide door, preferably an automatic one (like the 2- and 4-block wide ones), not swinging open.


Dang yes :slight_smile:


How about a smaller vehicle depot with vehicle limits that way it’s more realistic and we will be able to have a depot next to every 2/3 stands which should reduce transport time between depots and stands which are further away.


Can we be able to place overground baggage belts on top of underground ones. This way making a baggage system could be less complex.


Can we be able to place overground baggage belts on top of underground ones. This way making a baggage system could be less complex.

Who knows maybe multi floor feature brings baggage belt on each floor and they won’t interact with other belts :wink: (I wish)


I think it is time to start killing off a few darlings, which (in my opinion at least) does not contribute very much to the gameplay:

– The spam e-mails (I have never understood this feature)
– The turning on/off airport features such as opening and closing the airport, security, fuel type etc. I can’t see why I would ever want to have any of these options turned off if I have build the appropriate building for it. Today it is only something I forget to do and waste precious (in game-) time and money wondering why my security checkpoints doesn’t work. And I alway forget to open the airport when starting a new game. If some people like to micro manage these things, perhaps, for example, security should be automatically turned on when I build the check point and I can turn it off if I have to in the future. (The game is in general very inconsistent in what needs to be actively opened or turned on after it’s been constructed. Everything should be open/on by default.)
– Signing contracts. Signing air service contracts make sense I suppose, but construction and fuel has very little strategising to it. I always just pick one in the beginning of the game and then that contract just sticks for all time. There is very little (if any) consequence in changing.
– Re-signing food and store contracts. Instead of having to redo these contract every X days, perhaps let them go on and if you want to change you can either cancel the contract immediately (with penalty) or cancel and wait a few days before signing a new one. Often now the contract runs out without me knowing about it and the store has been empty for several days.
– I don’t know if this is a feature or a bug, but it is very annoying that you can’t connect new boarding-gates, baggage bays, bus-depots, etc to an aircraft stand without having to cancel all flights to that stand (or as long as there are planes in the world connected to that stand). I suppose this may have to do with developing issues rather than being a game design decision since it is possible to repair and upgrade a stand without closing it.
– The flickering “Departures”-display style start menu. I know many love this, and I also think it is kind of cool, but it flickers from start, and you have to wait for the animation to play before you can read the menu options. And if you accidentally hover over an option the flicker animation plays again and…aaah!

Hope this has not come off as too negative. I really love the game and these changes would make me love it even more :smiley: Keep up the awesome work!


You don’t need to wish … it was officially talked about, that this is exactly the way it’s meant to be. :wink:


The actual vehicle depot is already far too small. When I compare to the size of the new parking lots I even wonder if these vehicle depots will be gone some time.

As soon as it’s allowed to build these parking lot indoor, you can even build your own garage of your own size. For now you can spare the the foundations where you want to place a parking lot indoor and get the impression of a garage instead. This will get handy especially with multi floor terminals.

Now you can also park (assign) your vehicles directly to a stand now, but then they will work for exactly this stand only.