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You don’t need to wish … it was officially talked about, that this is exactly the way it’s meant to be.

I don’t remember any discussion about it. Have you heard something?


It’s rather old, but here you are:


A way to tell how many staff one requires in airport, kinda like SA has :slight_smile:


Yeah I saw that now but I wish you could assign them to more then 1 stand that way vehicles don’t go to the opposite end of the map to service a stand and they don’t have to be assigned to 1 stand either so like it would be nice if we could control which stands a vehicle can service for example a fuel truck doesn’t need to be assigned to a specific Stand it could be assigned to a small group i.e. stands 1-3 or something.


well something i had thought a quick minor adding - currently FPS are shown on debug menu but could be moved to separate button for example F11 to display FPS if there is problem with game


You could always use the steam FPS counter instead?


well - no - i meant the one FPS that on debug menu - in most games - there is FPS option that appears eg pressing or enabling via options to make its show up

the steam one is uses overlay


If you could control which parking lot services a group or region of stands that way we could assign cars to service a group of stand because currently other buses service stands that are further away from them for example in the picture bellow the 3 buses are right next to this stand but this buses comes from another parking lot which is further away.

Also when assigning two airside bus stops to 1 stand (to make it more realistic as 104 people can’t fit on 1 bus) the two buses don’t wait they just offload their passengers right onto of each other (In the picture bellow I took it before the second bus started offloading to show that there are indeed two different buses there).


I totally agree. Assigning vehicles to stands/depots are not enough. We also be able to assign depots/parking lots to stands.


Lol, I asked for that from the start :wink: , made more sense to me.


i prefer not, because my steam is already set to Always show my fps. I don’t want 2 fps counters on my screen, just as i don’t wnt to have to shut down the steam fps counter because you shut it off for all games then.


Oh, is steam FPS a thing? I never knew <3

My ideas for the Game


I agree that roads are really annoying sometimes. I feel that we should have the ability to create one way roads so that for pickups and drop offs at the terminal it is a loop. And having one way roads would also allow the player to create a better flow of vehicles moving throughout the airport.


I think next medium aircraft should be Fokker F100! :heart_eyes::airplane: It’s such a beauty!


This is something that has been talked about a lot but my idea is the following
Allocating Staff to a zoned area of the airport
I feel like the system used in prison architecture to assign guards would be a good template to build on. I feel like the system used in prison architecture to assign guards would be a good template to build on. I like if there was another viewing option (such as where we are able to see the zones) in which we can assign X number of workers in a certain area in the view you would also theoretically be able to see how many workers which could be doing some of the following:

  • free
  • working
  • in transit
  • (Possibly later on in the game exhausted)

Late on in the game this feature could possibly (if implemented) could become more complicated such as assigning workers specific tasks in a specific area for instance Bob Marley airport staff could be assigned to only operate 1 information desk for his shift.


Please make the “stand ID” clickable in flight proces monitor, and autozoom to that stand. Thx!

Mmm, never mind, I did not use this window before, and just now found the FIND PLANE button.


New idea about stand lighting with new big lampposts;

Current small and medium stands’ spot lights will be removed and user will place them by hand. So that they can arrange what and where will be illuminated.

Plus you cannot assign night flights if there are no big lampposts foundation in area of stand including GA


Maybe create an “upgrade” that has the “standard” lamp-posts, I do not forsee any fun in all the extra clicks/work. Make them more expensive if need be.


But you can design illumination however you want :wink: Maybe I want to build an airplane parking area without lightning. Or maybe I want to illuminate specific spots so much.