MINOR DETAILS: Make your tiny suggestions here!


there is already a bus stop in game that you can place


I said shuttle. Shuttle is not the same as regular bus.




I did mean the bus which takes people from for example hotel or parking to terminal, not from the terminal to stands.


Hotels are requested… let me find the post.


It would be nice to see marshallers or when the airport has a bit more money a SGS system. (Stand guidance system)


I Mean hotel outside the map


Oh, that could be done with contracts :smiley:


Yaxh, exactly, that would be cool.

  • Landside long stay car parks / parking lots, as well as the car drop offs.Multi-storey car parks would be good also as they are very common at airports.

This is an example from my closest airport, Birmingham (BHX). Red = multi-storey, blue = long stay parking lots and pink = drop off zone.

  • Please add a queue to the boarding desks, it’s frustrating that they don’t have a queue when the check-in desks do!

  • I realise this may be not such a minor detail, but it would be great to have an airport fire service with a specific airside fire depot and fire trucks.


I’m not so sure if an airport fire service would be a nice thing. The fire department only really gets used for emergency landings or a fire but since those aren’t very frequent, you would build a fire department that doesn’t actually do anything.

Unless the developers up the frequency on those events but I’d be really annoyed if an aircraft randomly burns down in my airport every in-game week.

I know the fire department could also do some extra jobs such as the water salutes, checking the runway for FOD regularly and hold trainings but I fear they would be more annoying than useful


Yes I actually agree with you there, I suppose it’s just a realism thing rather than something that would work practically in ACEO.

I have a further unrelated suggestion for the game, and that would be the ability to “pick and drop” staff. If you have played any of the Rollercoaster Tycoon series before you’ll be familiar with this. This occurs most commonly with contractors, where they will build baggage conveyors or a hedge for example and then become stuck inside what they’ve built (see my example below). It would be great if you could click on the staff and be able to pick them up and place them where you want.


Parking is on the roadmap.
Not sure if we will actually make short and long stay version tho :slight_smile:

Also, is this considered a minor detail?


When seeing these 3D renderings of stuff that will be implemented in the game, it makes me want ACEO to be 3D at an unbelievable level!!! (Hope that makes sense haha)


Haha, with these 3D models, while great when it’s just 1, but when having 10 of these next to each other, your pc won’t appreciate it :stuck_out_tongue:

They are really designed to be “screenshotted” as a sprite, for a functional 3D model it would need way less polygons.

That said, it does look cool, right :smiley:


I do feel like you are doing too good of a job though. Most of the 2D games are more pixely but whenever I play ACEO and zoom in I can see so much detail that I just expect that scrolling further will eventually put me in a 3D mode :smiley:


Thanks, really appreciate it! Always nice to hear it when people like results :smiley:


i wish the pushback truck was in 3D as well, i’ve got a bug where it’s spinning the flat 2D pic around his horzontal axle.


It does indeed look really detailed! Keep up the good work @Jettuh !


I would like to see one-way doors ingame to have better control over the flow of passengers in the terminal. For example, I don’t like that PAX, who are waiting until the check-in counter opens, wait in the baggage claim area if I put seating there.